Miko Kailiala

Name: Miko Kailiala
Study programme: International Business Administration BA
Year of graduation: 2019
Current employer: TPS 
Occupation: Professional athlete (Floorball)

What/Who did you want to be when you grew up? 
When growing up of course all the professional Finnish athletes, but perhaps the most Jari Litmanen (former top football player).

What’s your motto in life? 
This question has been asked from me before, but I have not been able to answer. I try to do things in my own way, with my own goals and at the same time, to take nothing away from anybody else.

What would be Your book recommendation to EBS students? 
In the younger years, I use to read more books. If I should select one, it would be ‘I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic’. Even if football is not something that interests you, the book is an inspirational growth story about rising from the difficult circumstances to the top.

Your Success Story

What is your everyday job?
My everyday job is to play professional floorball. It was more of a hobby on the junior level, but for the past 5 years, it has been full-time job on a professional level. Anyone who has ever competed on a professional level knows how much adjusting and compromising the athlete life requires. Adjusting the schedules of your workouts and games in to your calendar, and around that arrange the meals, rest, strength workouts, and of course in my case studies.


Why did you choose EBS?
I had just finished my military service in the Lahti sport army forces, and was about to start preparing for the School of Economics admission examinations. At the same time, my friend happened to mention about EBS. Because of the recommendation, I applied to EBS, and were accepted.


I had long wanted to study business and economics in Finland, but looking back from now EBS ended up being the best option for me. The studies in EBS Helsinki do not tie you to one city. This meant for me that I was able to continue playing on a professional level in any city. 


What is the most important thing you took from EBS?
As not being a big fan of monotonous teaching methods, I have always liked the interactive and pragmatic way of teaching at EBS. I highly value teaching methods in our university. As teaching or coaching in the future, I will try to bring about concrete meanings and explanations. I dare to claim that it facilitates other people’s learning processes. 


How did you know that EBS was for You? 
From the beginning, I very much liked the module style learning, and experienced it meaningful to me. In addition, EBS has been supportive in my sports career, which means a lot to me. Not to mention the excellent level of education in our university.


What would be your ultimate suggestion to EBS students?
Get to know your classmates and peers in order to make the school life more enjoyable. As you will certainly achieve more together than alone. Last but not least: Follow your dreams! - Be brave and dare to conquer your own path in your life.