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Toomas Danneberg

Toomas Danneberg

Toomas Danneberg

Vice Rector for External Relations and Business Development
+372 665 1317
Miscellaneous Information

Toomas Danneberg has a Master´s degree in marketing from Wageningen University (Holland).


He has worked in the field of marketing since 1996. He started his marketing career in Rabobank International, Holland. Next he moved on to work in Estonia at AGECOM, Savingsbank and Hansabank.


In 2001 he set up a company that specialises on marketing services - Danneberg Marketing Know-How, offers consultancy services and training in the field of marketing and business development.
Toomas Danneberg has been a lecturer of marketing management at several Estonian universities since 1998.

Since 2004 he is the Baltic representative of a world leading consultancy company Trout & Partner.


Research activity and list of publications: Estonian Research Portal.