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Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Learning

The aim of APEL 

APEL is a possibility to recognize prior learning (incl. continuing education) and professional work experience for completing curriculum.
The aim of APEL is to develop connections between lifelong learning and different levels of study, as well as with the labour market. APEL is based on the substantial compatibility of the previously acquired knowledge, skills and experiences.

APEL can be used:

  • in fulfilling admission requirements
  • in continuing unfinished studies
  • as part of studies
  • in changing the curriculum

APEL validates:

  • prior learning in the university
  • training courses or individually acquired material
  • knowledge and skills received via working experience
  • in fulfilling admission requirements

Prior self-evaluation and compilation of materials confirming the knowledge and skills is very important! The applicants should definitely read the guide for applicants.

APEL procedures

Students who are interested in validating subjects:

  • have to submit to the Admission and Study Department the original of the academic record from the school where the subject was taken
  • submit the description of the course
  • validation of additional education is free of charge!
  • students who are interested in validating non-formal education or prior experience:
  • analyse their prior experience and look through the subjects of the curriculum and their content
  • before submitting the application form consult the study consultant which subjects might suit
  • before handing in the application, turn to your study consultant to make sure that your experience is sufficient to replace internship
  • submit the application form with other documents (diplomas, certificates, job descriptions, CV, copy of the working agreement etc)
  • pay the fee according to the set procedures
  • pay for the validated ECTS according to the set procedures after the application has been examined 




Kaisa Lindenburg

Kaisa Lindenburg_veeb.jpg

Study Consultant (Master programmes)
Phone: +372 665 1320

Karmen Aasanurm


Study Consultant (Bachelor programmes)
Phone: +372 665 1334

APEL fees

Fee for processing the application - 40 EUR
Fee for transferring credit points - 10 EUR per 1 credit point