Digital Marketing Programme

The Digital Marketing programme delivered by Google experts 

NB! The programme will be held online until further notice!

All seminars will be held according to the schedule in webinar format through Canvas LMS. Participants will get a personal account and guidelines beforehand.


With the continuous emergence and widespread adoption of the internet across multiple business types, digital marketing has become an essential part of every company’s business strategy. Not only does digital marketing allow companies to boost their brand and their visibility, but it has also become a key part of driving direct sales, user acquisition, effectively entering new markets or user segments - essentially increasing the performance and effectiveness of companies. Therefore, it’s crucial to gain an understanding on how digital marketing ties into the overall marketing and further business strategy and how it can be effectively leveraged to achieve the primary goals of any company.


The course will cover the essentials of digital marketing as a whole, with the focus on Google marketing products: the recent trends and development of digital marketing, a practical deep-dive into marketing types (Search, Display ), ways to measure marketing activities and beyond that. The primary goal of the course is to provide hands-on experience on how marketers think and implement their ideas. 

Target audience

The target audience for the course are marketing specialists and C-/B-level managers of SMBs or enterprises, who are passionate about marketing and responsible for decision-making in sales and marketing.


Bachelor's degree is required or at least 5-year working experience in marketing,  business or entrepreneurship is required to attend the course.


Guest speakers from companies with great experience in Google digital marketing:  

  • Kristina Randver, Industry Head, Google
  • Justas Ložinskas, Senior Analytical Consultant, Google
  • Andreea Simulescu, Industry Manager, Google

    Lecturers' qualification requirements: master degree or equivalent and job experience in a current field. (EBS Academic Staff Selection Policy 3.1)

The aim of the programme

To provide an understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem, acquire high-level understanding of how digital marketing works, what kind of Google tools can be used to plan, create and deliver digital marketing strategies.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student acquires the following knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  • understanding about digital marketing trends and developments and knowledge about navigating in this fast-changing environment;
  • understanding of the essence and the value of digital marketing for a business, and what kind of opportunities and challenges it brings;
  • understanding of the tools and knowledge about necessary tools relevant for planning, creating and analyzing digital marketing activities;
  • practical experience in managing a real-life digital marketing and an understanding how Google advertising and measurement tools work.


Course has 32 contact hours and 202 hours for individual learning:

subject the aim of the subject individual work task   google tools
Intro to Digital Marketing, Trends & Google Tools & Products      



at 15.15-18.30
(online classes)

Giving an overview of digital marketing evolution, current trends, and intro to Google tools and products. Google My Business & Maps overview.

  • Individual work task: Student has to create Google My Business page, web page using Google My Business website creation tool, provide analysis of industry trends by using Google Trends, Market Finder, Consumer Barometer etc.

Google My Business

Google Market FinderGoogle Trends, Google Consumer Barometer

  Nowadays digital is taking up an increasingly important role in any organization’s structure - from startups where digital is often the primary way of driving growth to big multinational corporations. Therefore, it is a must to understand the wide range of ways that digital can benefit organizations, starting with directly driving sales, boosting brand awareness, growing the new user base, re-engaging with already existing clients and so on. However, the first step in order to unlock digital is to understand the key trends that are happening at the moment: recent user behavior, availability of free or paid products, rising topics in the advertising space and the key actions that various companies take in order to be successful online. These and more topics will be covered in the first module of the course.    
II Search Engine Marketing      




at 15.15-18.30
(online classes)

Overview of search, how it works, the key principle, keywords selection, etc.) and intro to audiences & targeting.
  • Individual work task: Student has to launch search campaigns using best practices learned during the lecture. 
  Google Digital GarageGoogle SkillshopGoogle Ads & Keyword plannerThink with Google
  Today, technology has become integrated into all aspects of our life. The new age consumers are empowered because they have instant access to information, and they are increasingly demanding and impatient. Consumer experiences are becoming better and more tailored. Therefore, expectations are rising faster and faster and businesses need to constantly exceed them.  Search is a hub for accessing most of these touch points and often it is also the starting point of their consumer journey. Therefore in the Search module you will have the opportunity to learn about its importance and also create business strategies & customer profiling through the power of Search advertising.     
III Measurement & Reporting      




at 15.15-18.30

Overview of different measurement options, intro to Google Analytics and Data Studio. 
  • Individual work task: Student has to analyse campaigns, create performance reporting dashboard.
  Google Digital GarageGoogle Skillshop Think with Google
  Independently of the goals of any company, they can only go so far on gut feeling to understand what impact their marketing activities have on the business outcomes. In order to bring clarity and understanding - measurement and data reporting come in. Businesses have never had as many data points & measurement tools as we have today, however, with that comes the complexity - how can we utilize these tools in the correct way to objectively understand the impact of each and every marketing activity or channel. Throughout this module you will understand the full scope of digital measurement - from ways to collect the digital data, methods on how to compare it across different channels, to building dashboards that can be directly tied to business results.    

Learning environment

EBS has a modern technology-enhanced learning environment. We use the world-class learning management system Canvas for all learning materials and for supporting and facilitating independent learning for individual and teamwork.

Learning methods and theoretical concepts

Practical and interactive seminars using modern learning methodologies and flipped classroom approach. Mastering team-work, critical thinking, creative and problem-solving skills. Independent learning based on study materials on Canvas LMS and provided by Google digital platforms for learning skills (Google Digital Garage, Google Skillshop, Think with Google, Google My Business) and for getting data (Google Market Finder, Google Trends, Google Consumer Barometer, Google Ads & Keyword planner).
Theoretical concepts: Marketing planning, consumer behaviour, advertising, digital advertising. 


The module and the subjects in the module are graded as Pass/Fail. 
For acquiring the module 9ECTS credits eligible for master studies, a participant must accomplish desired deliverables on a positive result “P” (Pass).


Active participation in classroom

Subjects’ assignment/work task


Total points/ share of the score




Price and registration info

Price: 1170 € per participant   
In the event of payment by two or more installments, there is an additional charge of 35€ added to the total sum.

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  • Basic understanding of and passion for marketing
  • Bachelor degree or minimum 5-year working experience in the marketing field
  • 3-year working experience in business or entrepreneurship


Additional information about the payment rules and general rules of EBS Continuing education can be found at 
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Beginning of the programme (online meeting)

We meet two to three times a month on Wednesdays from 3.15 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. 


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