International Business Administration BA in Helsinki

One of the world’s 122 best programmes in the field!


This highly recognised (EPAS accreditation) study programme is for you if you are interested in economics and business, looking to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work as a manager at an international company or in the public sector. You can either specialise in finance and accounting or in marketing and communication, and will acquire very good business English skills along the way. Studies take place at EBS Helsinki campus (Hiilikatu 3). 

You can also choose to expand your knowledge by selecting the English language Game Management module in addition to your chosen specialisation.



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Why choose International Business Administration study programme in EBS Helsinki?

  • Business education from one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world.
  • The study programme has the highest level of international recognition, namely the EPAS accreditation. 
  • Flexible organisation of studies. 
  • Lecturers, who are also specialists in their field help students acquire broad knowledge regarding economics and business and to find solutions to the most common management challenges. International academic faculty.
  • You will create a social network of like minded people, together with whom you can put to use what you have learned and make your dreams a reality.
  • Modern teaching methods are supported by the cloud-based e-learning platform Canvas, which is used by many of the top universities around the world.
  • Studying takes place in small study groups (up to 35 students) depending on the goal of the lecture. You are advised by your personal study consultant.
  • Strong contacts with the corporate world
  • You can either spend the fall semester of the second academic year abroad (mobility window) in one of EBS’s 60 partner universities worldwide or specialise in the direction of finance and accounting or in the direction of marketing and communication.  EBS has a strong network of partner universities, which include many of Europe’s best business schools (EMLyon Business School, Università Bocconi, BI Norwegian Business School, Kedge Business School, Copenhagen Business School, and many others).
  • The opportunity to acquire a double degree at Lancaster University Management School selected as Great Britain’s University of the Year (The Times and Sunday Times University of the Year 2018).


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About the studies

The studies are conducted in English and take place mainly at EBS campus in Helsinki. Students travel once per semester to visit the EBS Tallinn main campus. You visit lectures, companies and have many networking opportunities during your trips to EBS Tallinn campus.  


All EBS study programmes are accredited by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. The Bachelor’s degree is comparable to the same field degree in Finland and in other European Union countries, as well as with similar international qualifications. EBS Helsinki graduates are granted an official diploma approved by the Republic of Estonia.


This programme is session-based with a study period of 3.5 years. This study format allows part-time working. Lectures and seminars take place three days a week every other week. Lecture dates are fixed through the studies (Tue/Wed/Sat or Thu/Fri/Sat).  


The academic year begins in the fall with contact study week (Introweek) at EBS Tallinn on 24-28 August 2020. The rest of the semester’s lectures and exams are held at EBS Helsinki. The spring semester contact study days (1-2 days) at EBS Tallinn usually take place in the middle of the semester. Lecturers at EBS Helsinki are from Estonia and Finland as well as from abroad. In addition to EBS' own lecturers, the classes are taught by international and local visiting lecturers

Graduate profile

Graduates of this programme work as marketing or finance specialists and first-level project managers at medium-sized companies or in the public sector organisations. Research shows that the salary of EBS graduates in the field of business and management is higher in comparison with graduates from other Estonian universities. 

Double Degree from UK

All international business administration students are eligible to acquire a double degree from EBS and Lancaster University Management School.

Students participating in the double degree programme will study for the first two years at EBS and the next two years at Lancaster University, in Great Britain. The prerequisite for graduation is defending one’s final paper. The foreign university degree is valid together with the EBS degree.


  • The Times and Sunday Times newspapers in Great Britain named Lancaster University as the University of the Year 2018, and Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) has all of the most important international accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA).
  • Studies at LUMS are closely tied to the school’s high-level research activity.
  • The school has a strong alumni movement and a highly-rated university campus.



Finance and Accounting

You will acquire the necessary knowledge in finance and accounting to work as a financial specialist or manage your finances successfully as an entrepreneur. 


When specialising in the direction of finance and accounting, you will learn:

  • financing of start-ups;
  • investment management and risk analysis;
  • company financing and taxation;
  • financial reporting.

The study programme has been recognised by the CFA Institute, and courses in the field of finance are taught with regard to the first level requirements of CFA. The topics covered during courses in the field of accounting largely coincide with ACCA’s corresponding examination topics.



Marketing and Communication

You will acquire the necessary knowledge to work as a marketing or communication specialist who is able to plan and implement suitable activities for achieving company objectives, and convincingly and professionally present your ideas.


When specialising in the direction of Marketing and Communication, you will learn:

  • digital marketing and advertising;
  • consumer behaviour and pricing;
  • cross-cultural communication and business behaviour.


SEMESTER   Subject EAP lecturer
  Principles of Economics 3 Karmo Kroos
  Financial Accounting 6 Aet Toots
  English for Management and Marketing     3 Anu LehingAnne Lelumees
  Mathematics for Business  6 Eetu Rantanen
  Computer Fundamentals for Business I   3 Viljo Kallas
  Development of Study Skills 1,5 Sigrid Lainevee
  Communication and Presentation Skills 3 Anu Lehing
  Social Psychology 3 Pablo Veyrat
  Law Encyclopedia 3 Aleksander Popov
  English for Finance and Accounting 3 Jaan Rand
  Principles of Management 3 Ester Eomois
  Human Resource Management 3 Piret Masso
  Principles of Marketing 6 Riina Koris

Introduction to Statistics

3 Eetu Rantanen
  Philosophy 3 Oliver Laas
  Optional 1,5  
  Optional 1,5  
  Mobility window (elective courses) 27  
  Microeconomics 6 Alar Kein
  Project Management 3 Marge SassiJuko-Mart Kõlar
  English for Economics and Law 3 Jaan Rand
  Research Design 3 Karmo Kroos
  Business Ethics 3 Mari Kooskora
  Sociology 3 Pablo Veyrat
  Optional 3  
  Internship  6     
  International Business 3 Tiit Elenurm
  Macroeconomics 6 Ashim Kumar Kar
  Managerial Accounting 3 Urmas Kaarlep
  Business Simulation DYNAMA 4,5 Anto LiivatPeeter Kross
  Qualitative Research Methods 3 Kaire Põder
  Academic and Business Writing 3 Jaan Rand
  Optional 3  
  Business Planning 3 Pavel Prokushenkov
  Corporate Finance 6  
  Business Law 6 Aleksander Popov
  Strategic Management 3 Mike Franz Wahl, Marko Rillo
  Quantitative Research Methods 3 Karmo Kroos

Public Relations and Media Communication

6 Richard Scott Abel
  Optional 3  
  Optional 3  
  Optional 3  
  Bachelor Thesis or Final Exam 6  

*Find the programme for the session-based studies here

Important dates

Application round for the study year 2020/2021 opens.

Applicants from Estonia & Finland can start studies in the Spring semester. International applicants can start studies only in the Autumn semester.


Deadline to submit the application in DreamApply system for May admission interviews.


May admission interviews in EBS Helsinki.


Admission process

  • Apply through  Dream Apply Student Admission Platform.
  • Admission interview at EBS Helsinki.
  • Acceptance
    Once the student has sent all necessary documents for applying, has obtained the required level of English of and has successfully passed the entrance process (incl. interview) the Admission Committee will decide upon the student's admission.
  • Signing of the study contract
    When the student has arrived in Estonia and to EBS, then the study contract is signed between the student and university.
  • Tuition fee payment
    After being accepted the student will be issued the tuition fee invoice for one academic year.

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If you have not taken any of the required state examinations, you can instead take the entrance examinations at EBS. 


    Fees and Financing Options


    • Paying in one part the semester fee is 3200 € / per semester (final semester ½ price).
    • Paying in two parts the semester fee is 3200 + 35 = 3235 € / per semester.
    • The fee for one credit point is 125 EUR (tuition fee is calculated on basis of ECTS point when student studies part-time or would like to transfer some courses from another university and therefore does not need to take the whole/nominal programme).

    Financing options

    • Finnish students are eligible for various types of financial assistance from Kela during education.
    • If you are a resident or a holder of a long-term residence permit in the Republic of Estonia you can pay in several instalments by using the Study Investment.



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    All the candidates, who have received the positive admission decision, hence acceptance letter from EBS, can apply for a scholarship. In order to apply, you need to write an official application letter to the Scholarship Committee. The mission of the Scholarship Committee is to review and award scholarships.


    The Scholarship Committee makes the decision based on the applicants’ previous experience. Suitable candidates have an entrepreneurial mindset, excellent grades and experiences outside the classroom. In the application letter the candidate should mention: 


    • Why do they want to study at EBS and which program did they apply for?
    • How are they planning to use the knowledge they gain here and which goals have they set for themselves?
    • What kind of value will they bring to the classroom and to the studies here?

    In EBS, the scholarship gives a discount on the tuition fee. Depending on the decision of the admission committee it can give a  25%, 50%, 75% discount of the tuition fee.

    Scholarships are awarded once a year in August. Please send your application to by the 10th of July. EBS and our Student Council also offer different scholarships to outstanding students after the first year of studies.