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Management in Digital Society MBA in Tallinn

Our master's programme Management in Digital Society gives you the necessary knowledge to manage companies and people in the digital era.


NEW in the 2018 programme!

  • Personal Coaching for your personal and professional development. 
    Throughout the programme you will be coached in one-to-one sessions twice a year to discuss your learning experience and how it will contribute to the goals of your personal and professional development. 
  • International module in China or Germany*. 
    During a one-week elective module you will learn specific topics on digital transformation and experience how the best digital practices have been implemented. In China you will learn and experience the topic of e-commerce and in Germany that of industry digitalisation. 
  • Digital transformation project. 
    In the programme you start your real-life digital transformation project in teams and in collaboration with industry to practice your competences and develop your professional skills. 

Academic year kick off Boot Camp



In strong collaboration with the industry and the public sector you will learn and experience how digital transformation initiatives are created, developed and managed; how it has changed the nature of how businesses and organisations operate and create value to stakeholders in new reality. 


Management in Digital Society MBA is a master’s programme that aims:

  • To give managers, specialists and consultants knowledge and skills in corporate and organisation management in a digitalizing society.
  • To simplify the development of new business and digital technologies and their implementation in the main operations of a company or organisation.
  • To experience the implementation of the acquired competences on a real-life digital transformation project in collaboration with industry.
  • To enable the programme participants to create an international network between students, companies and organisations.
  • To support the development of digital and business technology management competences in companies and organisations.

What will you learn

Upon successful completion of the programme the graduate should:


  • Understand the challenges arising from the technological development of society and be able to assess their impact on their company’s or organisation’s activity and the business field.
  • Know the most recent digital and business technologies and be able to analyse technological opportunities leading to the company’s or organisation’s growth and efficiency.
  • Be ready to take a leading position, e.g. as the Digital Transformation Officer, in the development and execution of digital solutions and business technologies.
  • Know the risks and ethical challenges arising from the digitalisation of society and be able to manage those risks.
  • Be familiar with business analysis and data processing methods and able to use them.
  • Be able to prepare a plan of action in case of cyberattacks against the company or its working processes and while preventing them.
  • Be familiar with the models and methods of the strategic management of a company or an organisation, innovation and organisational development and able to implement them in their company or organisation.
  • Possess the skills of problem-based learning by completing tasks and simulations based on practical and real life cases and projects.
  • Have experience in team work and leading a team by participating in team-based practical studies throughout the whole study period. 

Student profile

  • We expect managers or employees in managerial positions and top-level specialists in companies and public organisations and consultants to take part in the studies.
  • Work experience as a leader, entrepreneur or top-level specialist at least 3 years.

Study methodology:    

  • Combined study methods integrating individual studies (e.g. work with data), group-based studies (teamwork projects) and e-studies (assisted by e-study platforms).
  • The acquisition of key competences is based on the acquisition of skills transferred in small groups.
  • Development and management of digitalization-related projects in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams in cooperation with companies and organisations.
Important dates

The application deadline for non-EU candidates for study year 2019/2020 is the 5th of April, 2019. Apply here.


The application deadline for EU candidates and candidates from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Canada, Japan for study year 2019/2020 is the 17th of June, 2019. 


Beginning of fall semester 2019/2020.

Fees and Financing Options

For EU citizens

The semester tuition fee for study year 2018/2019 for Estonian and other EU citizens is the following:

  • Paying in one part the semester fee is 2900 €.
  • Paying in two parts the semester fee is 2900 EUR + 35 EUR
  • If you are a resident or a holder of a long-term residence permit in the Republic of Estonia you can pay in several instalments by using Study Investment.
  • When the student is a part-time student or would like to transfer some courses from another university and therefore does not need to take the whole programme then the semester fee is being calculated on credit point basis. The fee for one credit point is 120 € .

*The travel and accommodation costs of international module are not included in the MBA programme tuition fee.

For non-EU citizens

The tuition fee for non-EU citizens is the following:

  • Tuition fee for first study year (2 semesters) is 5800 €.
  • Tuition fee can be paid only in one instalment.

*The travel and accommodation costs of international module are not included in the MBA programme tuition fee.


All the candidates, who have received the positive admission decision, hence acceptance letter from EBS, can apply for a scholarship. In order to apply, you need to write an official application letter to the Scholarship Committee. The mission of the Scholarship Committee is to review and award scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee makes the decision based on the applicants’ previous experience. Suitable candidates have an entrepreneurial mindset, excellent grades and experiences outside the classroom.


In the application letter the candidate should mention: 

  • Why do they want to study at EBS and which program did they apply for?
  • How are they planning to use the knowledge they gain here and which goals have they set for themselves?
  • What kind of value will they bring to the classroom and to the studies here?

In EBS, the scholarship gives a discount on the tuition fee. Scholarships are awarded once a year in August. Please send your application via e-mail by the 10th of July. 

Modules and Subjects

Moodul Mooduli ja Õppeaine nimetus   EAP Mooduli juht/ Vastutav Õppejõud
SEMESTER 1        
I Digital Society   15 Meelis Kitsing
  Digitalisation: Society, Organisations, People   6 Meelis Kitsing
  Managing Change in Digital Era   6 Marko Rillo, Ragnar Siil
  Legal Issues in Digital Era   3* Triin Siil
  Ethics in Digital Age   3* Mari Kooskora
  Practical assignment: Consulting Project in Teams on Digital Transformation      
II Digital Transformation and Business Development           15 Toomas Danneberg
  Project Management and Data Visualisation   6 Philip Bousa, Jim Seltenrijch 
  Business Development Methods and Tools       6 Marge Täks, Toomas Danneberg, visiting faculty
  Strategic Communication    3* Scott Abel
  Negotiations   3* Ilona Nurmela
  SEMESTER 2        

Business Processes and Technologies

  15 Andrew Adjah Sai
  Business Processes and Digitalisation   6 Sami SoinioMarlon Dumas, visiting faculty
  Emerging Technologies for Business   6 Andrew Adjah SaiToomas Kärner, visiting faculty, CybExer Technologies
  Lab: Enterprise under Cyber-attack. Threats, Plans, Decisions   3* BHC Laboratories, CybExer Technologies
  Digital Platfroms   3* Martin Kenney, Kai Jia, Meelis Kitsing, visiting faculty
IV Organisational Development and Leadership   15 Ester Eomois
  Organisational Development and Design   6 Ester Eomois, visiting faculty
  Leadership and Personal Development   6 Ester EomoisAnnemarie Steen
  Coaching   3*      Peep Aaviksoo, corporate partner: EBS Executive Education
  Diverse Global Teams   3* Merle-Liisu Lindma
SEMESTER 3        
    V Data Analytics and Decision Making   15 Sami Soinio
  Big Data Modeling and Management Systems   6 Sami Soinio, visiting faculty
  Business Applications of Technologies   6 Andrew Adjah Sai, Visiting faculty
  Business Analytics   3* Grzegorz Rawicz-Mańkowski
  Analysis of Consumer Behaviour   3* Katri Kerem, visiting faculty
VI Performance  Management and Financial Analysis   15 Hele Hammer
  Financial and Managerial Accounting   6 John Paul Broussard
  Managerial Finance   6 Urmas Kaarlep, visiting faculty
  Automation in Finance and Accounting   3* Hele Hammer
  Enterprise Risk Management   3* Hannu Kahra
SEMESTER 4           
VII Strategic and Innovation Management   15  Marko Rillo
  Strategic Management   6 Marko Rillo
  Design Thinking and Innovation
  6 Benjamin Wille Baumkauff, Tanel Kärp
  Business Model Innovation   3* Mart Kikas, Yrjö Ojasaar, visiting faculty
  Strategic Performance Management   3* Zinaida Tšukrejeva
    VIII Graduation   15 Marge Täks
  Project Seminars     Marge Täks, Toomas Danneberg
  Master Thesis: Digital Transformation Project     Marge Täks, Toomas Danneberg
        *Elective course 


Admission process

  • Apply through  Dream Apply Student Admission Platform.
    *Non-EU citizens need to pay the application fee (120€) once they have received the invoice through Dream Apply system. Application documents will be processed only after application fee is received.
  • Send your educational documents to EBS to the following address: Admissions and Studies Office, Lauteri street 3, room 115, 10114, Tallinn, ESTONIA
    To whom: Liina Reimann, Admission Specialist
  • Admission interview via Skype
  • Acceptance
    Once the student has sent all necessary documents for applying, has obtained the required level of English of and has successfully passed the entrance process (incl. interview) the Admission Committee will decide upon the student's admission.

    *If you are a non-EU citizen, apply for temporary residence permit for studies in Estonia. 

  • Tuition fee payment
    After being accepted the student will be issued the tuition fee invoice for one academic year.
  • Signing of the study contract
    When the student has arrived to Estonia and to EBS, then the study contract is signed between the student and university.

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