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EBS awarded diplomas to 152 graduates at its graduation ceremony

The spring graduation ceremony of EBS took place on Monday 18th June at the Estonian Concert Hall where diplomas were awarded to 152 students.

Diplomas were awarded to 97 graduates of the Bachelor´s programme, 54 graduates of the Master´s programme and one graduate of the Doctoral programme. Cum laude  diplomas were awarded to 14 graduates.


The Rector of EBS professor Arno Almann congratulated the graduates on becoming alumni and highlighted the role of the success stories of alumni in maintaining the course of the university.


„When sending out graduates the university realises its responsibility. We constantly need to ask ourselves the same question – have we done everything so that our graduates would realise the world in all the aspects of its changes, make the right choices and never give in to changes in their lives. The course of the university can be controlled by the success stories of its alumni that have already  been written for 30 years at EBS,“ said the Rector of EBS. 


 „When you have received diplomas you will become alumni, but you may still be confident that the door of EBS always remains open to you. We are prepared to share our knowledge, experience, contacts, networks and a supportive encouraging word if necessary,“ added Almann.


Sander Sisask delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates of EBS. He reminded the graduates of the importance of time: „It is very easy to give time, but extremely difficult to create it. We need to try hard to find ways how to gain more time, the ways that will fill our heart and soul, charge us with energy produce time. In case we exclude activities that take a lot of resources but return almost nothing, there will be more time for factors that could give us but not take away everything that we have. If we discover such factors a miracle will happen. We will devote time to such factors, become better people and start competing with ourselves, in order to become better than the day before. It sounds easy, but reality has never made it easy. Let us ask ourselves whether we are alive or live to the full? 


The Vice-Pesident of the Bank of Estonia Madis Müller delivered a speech on behalf of the alumni. He emphasised on the role of further studies in the success and luck of people.„It will take time and constant studies and hard work to become an expert in any field of activity. Thus it is important to maintain curiousity and be prepared to work hard in order to become better and better in the field of activity chosen“, said Müller. 


„Second, it is important to accept that it is also necessary to be lucky and have a good chance to succeed. To become lucky you need to work hard. Last, I would like to emphasise on how important are the people around you. You will certainly be unable to achieve anything big at work all alone and therefore need not underestimate the importance of your family and friends as the backup. You are in a good company at EBS already and this is why I would advise you to maintain contact with your fellow students and school,“ added Müller. 


Congratulation to all the graduates!