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EBS reinforced business relations between Estonia and Finland at a golf tournament

The winning team: Peep Aaviksoo (the head of EBS Executive Education OÜ) Urmas Kaarlep (PhD Student and lecturer at EBS), Hardi Isok (the CEO of Avis Estonia, EBS alumnus), Roope Tapiovaara (EBS Helsinki student). Photo: Andres Raudjalg
On Tuesday 28 August, the golf tournament of Estonian Business School, as part of events to celebrate the the 30th anniversary of the school, took place in Finland for the first time during its history. In addition to playing golf, it also aimed to strengthen the business- and academic relations between the Estonian and Finnish campuses of the school.

The Head of EBS Executive Education OÜ Peep Aaviksoo, a member of the winning team, said that the success of an Estonian-Finnish joint team proved that a well functioning team with diverse experience and skills is important in business and in golf. „Golf and business have always been together and so will we continue with the EBS golf tournament as a business school, in order to reinforce collaboration between our two campuses, and create and maintain business relations with alumni.“


The Chancellor of Estonian Business School (EBS) Mart Habakuk added that there is day-to-day close collaboration between the EBS campuses in Tallinn and Helsinki. „Our aim is to further facilitate the communication between students, lecturers and alumni of EBS Tallinn and Helsinki, because we may offer better study quality and research- and project teams in collaboration.“ said Habakuk when expalining his principles of collaboration.


Estonian Business School Invitational 2018 was the 14th joint golf tournament of EBS alumni, lecturers and students and it was the first time when it took place out of Estonia. The tournament in Finland was participated by 20 players – half of whom were related to EBS in Tallinn and half of whom to EBS in Helsinki.


The next 15th event of EBS Habakuk Cup Invitational 2018 will take place on 21st September on St. Mathewś Day in Jõelähtme in memoriam of Madis Habakuk.