Marketing Sharks Club:in jäsenet on valittu

7 lupaavaa opiskelijaa on valittu EBS Helsingin Marketing Sharks Club:iin.

Tänä syksynä EBS Helsinki aloitti uuden ohjelman aktiivisille opiskelijoille, jotka haluavat saada käytännönläheistä työkokemusta markkinoinnista jo kandidaatin opintojen aikana.


Tässä esittelyt uusista jäsenistä englanniksi!



Veera Korpinen

Hi! My name is Veera Korpinen and I am a third-year student in EBS Helsinki, majoring in marketing & communication. During my studies at EBS, my interest towards marketing has grown. I applied to MSC to gain more practical knowledge and skills. In addition to attending EBS University, I work as an entrepreneur; teaching and choreographing ballroom dancing. In MSC, I am a PR Shark. I take care of media and start-up relations and create relationships with public and private organizations in Finland. Also, I am in charge of organizing events. I aim to develop my skills diversely and am ready for all challenges that are thrown towards me. I am excited to work together with the Sharks and can't wait to start the journey!



Ketter Vridolin

Hey! My name is Ketter and I am a third-year marketing and communications student at EBS Helsinki. I applied to Marketing Sharks Club because I simply thought that this is a great way to develop my marketing skills on real-life tasks and gain ECTS by doing something that I am passionate about. My responsibilities in the MSC are taking care of @ebs_uni  Instagram account with our Shark Ada as well as being in charge of our visual image by creating photo and video content for our social media channels. During my free time (If I am not holding a camera), I love to workout and socialize.



Ada Rautakoski

  1. My name is Ada and I am a first-year student studying marketing and communication at EBS Helsinki. I applied for the Marketing Sharks Club, because of the great learning opportunity to co-design and develop real-life marketing tasks.  In my free time I love to practice yoga as I am also a yoga teacher. Also, I have recently discovered painting and it has become a way for me to unleash my creative side. My responsibilities at MSC are social media and website activities. I hope to advance my skills in marketing and  challenge myself in different ways. I hope to have a great experience and enjoy the journey together with my team. 



Emil Thuesen

Hi, my name is Emil Thuesen and i am a second year student at EBS Helsinki. I am currently studying marketing. The reason why I chose to apply for the Marketing Sharks club is that I want to develop myself. I wanted to be a part of a great team and learn marketing through real projects. My hobbies and passion includes self development. I like to read books about investing, branding, marketing and other economy related topics. ( I am also a Gin enthusiast). My responsibility in the MSC is to help develop marketing strategies. In the first year of MSC I hope to gain knowledge in marketing and how to implement marketing strategies into real projects.



Kasper Hänninen

  1. My name is Kasper and I am a second-year marketing student in Estonian Business School. I applied for Marketing Sharks Club to get real-life marketing experience and to get the opportunity to be a part of interesting new projects. In my free-time I love to produce and play music. It’s a way for me to express my creativity. As a hobby I also like to go to the gym and play different team sports. In MSC my focus is on various marketing and sales activities. I hope to gain part of interesting projects and advance my skills. I also aim to have fun along the way!



Tommy Markelin

  1. My name is Tommy and I’m second-year marketing student in Estonian Business School. I applied for Marketing shark club to get real-life marketing experiences and tasks and also wanted to be part of something new. In my free-time I love to travel and socialize with other people. In addition, I enjoy trying new things and experiences. My hobbies include going to the gym and doing all kinds of team sports. In MSC I focus on selling our programs for the Finnish and Asian markets. I hope to expand my networks and improve my skills during our projects but also get good experiences and moments with our team.



Denis Shemyakin

Hello! My name is Denis and I’m a first-year student at EBS Helsinki. I applied to for the Marketing Sharks Club to gain practical experience in marketing. I’m still undecided on whether I’ll specialize in financing or marketing in my studies, so this is an excellent opportunity to test my mettle. On my spare time, I enjoy listening to podcasts and non-fiction audiobooks, while being outdoors. I try to get a regular exercise in and go sailing when it’s possible. I’m also civically engaged in a European youth movement, Eurooppanuoret ry. I hope to learn the specific methods and strategies employed in marketing. I know that I don’t know much and I’m here to figure that out. I expect to be challenged and hopefully overcome any obstacles to emerge stronger on the other side.  


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