Admission to MBA programmes

MBA admission process

Non-EU process

  • Non-EU students should apply through Dream Apply Student Admission Platform and need to pay the application fee (120€) once they have received the invoice through Dream Apply system. Application documents will be processed only after application fee is received.
  • Educational documents that need to be evaluated must be sent to: Estonian Business School, Admissions and Studies Office, Lauteri street 3, room 115, 10114, Tallinn, Estonia
  •  Your admission interview can be conducted via Skype
  • Once the student has sent all necessary documents for applying, has the required level of English and has successfully passed the entrance process (incl. interview) the Admission Committee will decide upon the student's admission
  • All accepted non-EU citizen should apply for temporary residence permit for studies in Estonia
  • After being accepted the student will be issued the tuition fee invoice for one academic year.
  • When the student has arrived to Estonia and to EBS, then the study contract is signed between the student and university.