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Short study visits


Short study visits scholarship scheme supports up to 30 calendar day-long visits with a goal to participate in international conferences, seminars or courses


Eligibility requirements:
The scholarship is open for application to all EBS  master students, doctoral students, and young faculty members (younger than 35 years or who defended their PhD less than 5 years ago).


Amount of scholarship:
The scholarship covers accommodation and travel expenses, daily allowance, and participation fee. Applicant must keep in mind that accommodation and travel expenses are set by set by unit prices, the daily allowance is set to 32 € and participation cost is proved by invoice. The maximum amount of scholarship is 2000 €.

  • The daily allowance is 32 EUR per day;
  • The participation fee is covered according to the invoice (early bird fee). Participation fee can also be financed from other sources;
  • The amount of the travel grant depends on the distance between the point of departure and the destination of the study visit. Only the online calculator of the European Commission can be used for calculating the distance;
  • Only accommodation costs incurred abroad during the supported period of study visit are compensated by the travel grant. The accommodation grant is not to be paid for the night spent on a ship, a train or other transportation. Accommodation cost unit prices are calculated based on the length of the study visit: 2-6 days / 80 EUR per night, 7-14 days / 60 EUR per night, 15 and more days / 35 EUR per night.

Application procedure:
A digitally signed (both by applicant and supervisor) application with the supervisor’s recommendation must be submitted to the EBS Erasmus+ program specialist by the first day of the calendar month. The application period is from August to June (in July it is not possible to submit applications)


Decision procedure:
The decision on accepting/declining the application is made by the mobility committee of EBS based on the program quota and content of the application.


The scholarship scheme is financed 100% by the Education and Youth Authority that will directly sign a financing contract of the applicant decided by EBS.


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Long Term study visits


The purpose of the Dora Plus scholarships for PhD student mobility is to improve the awareness of young researchers of diverse teaching and research practices, encourage their involvement in international cooperation projects, improve the completion rates of PhD studies, and strengthen the compliance of doctoral studies in Estonian universities with the principles of innovative doctoral studies. The Dora Plus scholarship fund is provided by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian government.  


Scholarships are awarded to support the mobility of the PhD students of Estonian universities to universities or research institutions abroad. Single mobility episode can last from 1 to 10 months. PhD students can use the grant multiple times during their nominal period of study, taking into account that each mobility shall last 31 calendar days, at least, and each PhD student can receive a scholarship for 10 months in total (all mobility periods combined). The Dora Plus PhD student mobility scholarship covers the travel and living costs related to mobility.


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Triin Sillaots

Triin Sillaots
Rector's Office Manager



Support for foreign students


Dora Plus Action 2. Sub-action 2.1 Inclusion of foreign Master´s and Doctoral students studying in degree studies 


Grant for foreign Doctoral students:
To date, all scholarship holders have been selected and no new application rounds will be opened.


Scholarship for foreign Master`s students:
The application round for the 2021/22 academic year is over.


The goals of this action are to support foreign Master’s and Doctoral students studying in Estonia, thereby contributing to the exchange of knowledge, to make the local study process more internationalized and to increase the amount of highly educated workers in Estonia in the long run.


Eligibility requirements:
Support is offered to talented foreign Master’s and Doctoral students in Estonian universities. Support is offered to foreign Master’s and Doctoral students in full-time studies until the end of the nominal time of their studies for one academic year at a time.


The grant can be awarded to a Master’s or a Doctoral student of Estonian Business School:
- who is not a resident and citizen of the Republic of Estonia and whose country of residence is not Estonia;  
- who has not resided in Estonia during the last three years in total for more than one year (if the applicant is a first year Master´s student), unless the person has studied and completed Master´s studies in an Estonian institution of higher education during the time concerned, and who begin their studies in Estonian Business School as of September 1;
- who study in degree programme at full-time study load; 
- who study in nationally recognised study programmes which are offered fully in a foreign language;
- who does not receive support for their studies from other sources. The student personally confirms not receiving a scholarship from other sources;
- who study in curricula delivered in Tallinn.


Amount of scholarship:
The scholarship for foreign Master’s students is 350 euros per month. The scholarship could be awarded for one academic year, i.e. 10 calendar months at a time. The grant for PhD students encompasses the PhD support, as well as the yearly study mobility grant. The scholarship amount will be set by the state budget every year. The amount of mobility support is determined by the distance of the student’s native country from Estonia.


Application procedure:
A free format signed application to stand as a candidate is submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs (applies equally to foreign Master ́s and Doctoral students) by September 10. The application includes the year of admission, the title of the curriculum and a confirmation that the student does not receive financial support under other measures. Doctoral students have to submit also a motivational letter and the opinion of the supervisor(s).


Decision procedure:
For granting the foreign Master´s student`s scholarship the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs will convene the Grants Commission. The decision of granting the foreign Doctoral student´s scholarship is made by the Research Council.

Estonian Business School´s procedure for applying for sub-action 2.1.



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