Applied and
Experimental Track

There are two different “routes” within the track. You can either apply for a research fellow position or be admitted as an individual doctoral student. EBS also accepts visiting PhD students from similar focus areas.

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Depending on the candidate's background there are two possible focusing methods of study:

For established enterprises and organisations:

Developing and implementing live changes (organisational and new business models) in the context of your real living and breathing company, and the individual challenges you are facing.

Is suited for a candidate who:

Is a senior, middle manager or specialist in an established private or public organisation.

Wishes to continue daily work in their organisation and target a particular challenge in the named organisation.

For up and coming entrepreneurs and start-ups:

Exploring, testing, building, developing and implementing either new or early-stage business ideas or start-ups.

Is suited for a candidate who:

Is a key individual in a promising start-up or has an established idea for one.

Wishes to conceive, develop and launch an innovative business or societal idea and is positioned to use the necessary knowledge, networks, human resources and capital provided by their studies.

Both programmes will include an individual study plan that is tailored to the candidate's aspirations and background. Online and blended learning options are made available based on the individual circumstances, geographical location and mobility options of each student.