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Advance Your Career with University-Level Business Courses

Discover the power of education at Estonian Business School's (EBS) Open University, where we offer a unique opportunity to advance your career through university-level business courses. Designed for individuals eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in business-related areas, our courses are open to everyone, regardless of previous qualifications.

Explore our course catalogue for the period from August to December 2024

The purchasing option in my.ebs will open on July 1, 2024.
Registration for each course is available 48 hours before the start or until seats are sold out.
Find out our Microdegrees starting in August and October!

Why Choose EBS Open University?

  • Whether you're an industry professional, EBS alumni, partner, or a student from another university, our Open University allows you to enrol in individual courses or microdegree programmes without needing to be a matriculated student.
  • Our courses are ideal for those looking to continue their education and advance their careers in business. By participating actively in seminars, assignments, and exams, external students can earn ECTS credit points, paving the way for full-time university studies.
  • Learn alongside matriculated students in small study groups that ensure personalized attention and support from our esteemed faculty.
  • Accessible Resources: Open University students have full access to the EBS Library, reading room, and online learning platform Canvas, providing you with all the resources you need to succeed.

Enrollment and Payment

Participants can apply to Open University courses and pay for each course through the e-shop MyEBS if they have temporary living permits or live in EU countries. After filling out the registration form, adding courses to the shopping cart, and specifying payment details, the course fee must be paid within 7 days or by the noted date. Enrollment in Master's level courses or programmes is limited to individuals with a Bachelor's degree (or an equivalent) or relevant working experience. Enrollment in Master's level courses requires proof of education, and a LinkedIn profile or CV may also be required.

Upon course enrollment via the website registration platform, participants confirm their agreement to MyEBS's Terms and Conditions, forming a contractual agreement between EBS and the student. After completing the registration and payment process, participants will receive passwords for the Learning Management portal Canvas, where they can access course programs and materials. Obligatory study materials must be purchased separately unless available from the EBS library.

Course Availability and Enrollment

Courses are primarily held at WBS's Tallinn campus and are targeted at residents of Estonia and the European Union. Our Spring semester begins in January/February, and the Autumn semester starts in August. Registration for spring courses opens in December, while registration for autumn courses begins in June. Be sure to check the exact schedule before registering.

  • How to Enrol

Spring Semester: Courses commence in January or February and conclude before June.

Autumn Semester: Courses start on August 25, 2024, and end before December.

Registration: Sign up via If you don’t have an Estonian ID, use the provided registration form.

  • Flexible Study Options

Choose to participate full-time during office hours or part-time in the evenings or weekends, depending on course vacancies. Our study period runs from September to December and from February to May, offering you the flexibility to fit your education into your busy schedule. The average course period is 120-180 days.

  • Important Information
  • Residence permits for studies are not issued for short courses or microdegree programmes. However, you are welcome to attend courses during your stay in Estonia if you have another type of residence permit. 
  • Applicants for Bachelor's level courses must have a High School certificate.
  • Applicants for Master's level courses or microdegrees must have a Bachelor's degree and, in some cases, previously completed prerequisite courses.
  • Participants interested in Business English or Advanced Spanish courses must self-assess their language proficiency. English courses require a minimum B2 level according to the European language framework
  • Participants do not gain student status and are not entitled to related university rights.


SA Estonian Business School (Estonian Business School) is a training card co-operation partner of Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund
Notice of economic activities in Estonian Education Infosystem (EHIS): no 185457

EBS Open University study fees

  • Payment: Pay as indicated in the registration system. Flexible options available; €35 fee for installment plans if registered before January 25 or August 25.
  • Tuition: Covers supportive materials via Canvas. Additional textbooks must be purchased or borrowed.
    Note: Language textbooks must be purchased separately by participants from the page stated in the course description.
  • Course cancellation and Refunds: Based on withdrawal timing; exemptions and discounts are decided by the Estonian Business School Foundation's management board decision. (points 5.2-5.5).. Cancellations are considered from the first school day of the course. If canceled by the organizer, a replacement course is offered, or the tuition fee is fully reimbursed. 


If you plan to enrol in a short course, please note that a residence permit (Visa) for studies will not be issued. However, you are welcome to stay in Estonia and attend Open University courses during your period of stay in Estonia. A residence permit for studying is issued only for studies leading to a degree

 If you have been issued with a residence permit on other grounds, you can freely attend any EBS open university courses. NB! Most of our courses will last 120-180 days.

Download the Rules of Continuing Education of EBS from HERE



Registration for autumn semester courses begins


Autumn semester courses begin


Registration for spring semester courses begins

Coming soon! Most of the autumn courses are starting the first week of September
Microdegrees will start at mid-January or mid-August.