Internship is mandatory in all full-time bachelor’s programmes. Interns learn about how a company works and apply what they have learned in an internship organization. Interns conduct a survey and make suggestions for organizational change. 

Internship reports also supports the student’s preparation for writing the final thesis. The internship is divided into two parts. 

  • Internship I: Introductory internship to get to know the organization and its management and decision-making processes. It takes place in the spring of the first academic year. 
  • Internship II: Solving industry-specific problems (eg marketing, sales, finance, digitization, etc.). It takes place in the spring of the second academic year. 


The purpose of the internship is to apply what is learned in real life context and to support the student’s development and career.  

What do we expect from the internship company/organization? 

  • Welcoming the intern to the company/organization 
  • Making an internship agreement between the company and intern (the student will provide a document base) 
  • Supervising the intern in the company/organization 
  • At the end of the internship, give student constructive feedback both in writing and orally (the student will provide a document base) 

Internship offers can be sent to:


The student chooses the internship place based on the goals of the internship. The specific content and assignments of the internship is described in the corresponding course in Canvas. More information can be found from Students intranet.

Internship opportunities also exist abroad with Erasmus+ programme – see more in Exchange Studies.     



Internship development and trainings are supported by