Parking in EBS

Parking in EBS


Its possible to park in EBS parking lot using Snabb app


EBS students with a minimum study load of 20 ECTS per semester are entitled to park with discounts in EBS parking lot located behind EBS building A. Lauteri 3: 


EBS lecturers who teach at least 20 ETCS per semester please contact  EBS Campus to purchase lecturers parking permission (ph: +372 665 1372; 

How to park:

  • Download the Snabb app.
  • Choose the payment method (bankcard or mobile phone).
  • Entrance to the parking lot is from the right side and exit from the left side of the building. 
  • The gates of the parking lot open automatically with number plate recognition. 
  • In case the gate does not open, please use the app. 


NB Do not drive in without registering your car licence plate at the entrance.