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European Union Week

Together with leading European business schools, Estonian Business School is participating in the European Union Week. The full program, which can be found here, includes many online hybrid events between April 22 and 26. Its goal is to celebrate the European Union and to inform students and the wider public about it.

EBS students and faculty are most welcome to join in on the lectures and discussions.

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Phd workshop

PhD Summer 1-day Workshop

We invite doctoral students of social sciences from all Estonian universities to submit papers and poster abstracts to the PhD Summer 1-day Workshop. The event will take place on June 26, 2024, on the premises of Estonian Business School, Lauteri 3, Tallinn. 
The PhD Summer 1-day Workshop is organized under the Estonian Doctoral School, project "Cooperation between universities to promote doctoral studies" (2021-2027.4.04.24-0003), co-funded by the European Union. 


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Estonian Business School admission 2024

The admission for the 2024/2025 academic year is open!

Throughout its 35 years of operation, EBS has established itself as a highly esteemed provider of high-quality and practical business and entrepreneurship education. We continue to offer entrepreneurial knowledge and business education to future leaders, top specialists, managers, and entrepreneurs, opening admissions for the autumn of 2024. We welcome applications for our university bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programmes.

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Doctoral Studies at the Estonian Business School

EBS Doctoral Programme in Management is a unique, highly individualised double-track PhD programme, which focuses on real-world impact. Doctoral candidates are offered a choice between a classical academic research track and a NEW experimental applied track.

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EBS & Ringy Digital Device Recycling Program

Did you know that over 800 million functioning mobile phones lie unused in drawers across European homes? Therefore, check your drawers because, with the help of EBS and Ringy, you now have the opportunity to give our planet a caring and green hug!

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It's time for spring cleaning - a great opportunity not just for tidying up your home and wardrobe, but also for organizing your computer and digital devices, and getting rid of digital clutter. A green-minded and forward-looking citizen already knows that any file you no longer need is digital trash. Digital trash includes unnecessary files, programs, photos, videos, emails, and more. It is data that does not add value, as it is often either for one-time use or redundant. Digital trash is data volume forgotten by people, but its existence harms the environment since it requires resources to maintain. Therefore, we all need occasional reminders to consciously sort our trash. 

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Haba Gala

Golden Haba Gala 2024

We are proud to announce that the Golden Haba Gala is back on the 26th of April! It has been 2 years since the EBS family has had a get together as special as this. So don’t miss out on this special opportunity to celebrate the people around you!


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EBS Library exhibition "Cultural Differences in the Workplace"

In 2024, the richness of Estonian culture is celebrated as the year's theme. This cultural richness originates from each of us and gains momentum in everyday activities. We notice, cherish, and preserve the diversity of cultures within Estonian communities and nations, even here at EBS. It is a value that unites all of us who carry Estonia in our hearts.


From February 1 to June 30, 2024, the EBS Library Reading Room hosts the exhibition "Cultural Differences in the Workplace" (A. Lauteri 3, Tallinn, 2nd floor, room 234).


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