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EBS – an entrepreneurial and loving community

"We must never forget that we are dealing with people’s destinies that we can influence in one way or another through education," said Madis Habakuk, the founder of the Estonian Business School, which is the oldest and largest private university in Estonia. This means that every EBS employee – be it a lecturer or professor, study secretary or head of department – is responsible for the personal well-being of our students and alumni and the success of their ventures. We are confident that our graduates will create value that results in greater competitiveness, both at the level of the individual and society at large.
EBS has around 1400 Bachelor’s, Master's and doctoral students. Our team comprises more than 50 faculty members and more than 40 support staff members. Almost a third of our employees have international background and work experience.



What is our organisational culture?

  • Creativity and curiosity are the driving forces behind development. We encourage our employees to experiment with new ideas, whether that be proposing a change in work organisation or a new curriculum. They are free to implement their ideas. We also expect practical experience and entrepreneurship in initiating and running projects from our academic staff. We are enterprising, innovative and forward-looking – EBS is a business school after all!
  • People's courage and independence are important to us and initiative and entrepreneurship are essential. EBS has friendly, helpful and community-oriented employees. Despite having a gymnasium, a university and a management training centre all under one roof, we are flexible and agile. We are connected by our sense of unity and a desire to do something meaningful.

What do we offer our employees?

  • EBS offers the opportunity to work in an international, ambitious and open environment and to acquire new and unique insights, skills and experiences.
  • Learning and development opportunities. EBS supports both the professional and personal development of our staff. We offer opportunities to take part in training, conferences and other educational events both in Estonia and elsewhere. We offer a 75% tuition fee discount for our employees who are getting a degree at EBS. All employees can take up to 6 ECTS worth of subjects during the academic year and get discounts on university courses as well as the courses of the Executive Training Centre.
  • Opportunity to gain experience in partner universities. Both academic and non-academic staff can visit EBS's partner universities and experience the work and practices of more than 70 partner universities around the world.
  • Flexibility in terms of working time and place. We have modern and comfortable working equipment and environments both on Lauteri street in the heart of Tallinn and in the Helsinki branch. However, if people prefer to work from home, in a café, or under a palm tree, then we are flexible in this respect as well – as long as the work gets done and value is created!
  • Supporting good health. We support the physical well-being of our employees through the Stebby environment. If you are struggling with mental health, we offer free therapy sessions with our partnered psychologists.
  • Of course, we also offer the fundamentals, such as interesting and meaningful tasks, a good salary, regular health check-ups, company events and so on.