Microsoft Launches Digital Skills Development Program in Cooperation with the Estonian Business School

In order to support the acquisition of modern knowledge and as part of a global initiative, Microsoft in cooperation with the Estonian Business School, the University of Latvia Innovation Centre LUMIC and the ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius is launching the “Baltic Digital Skills Development Program”, which will be available to any resident of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and also EBS Helsinki students.

It is planned that as part of this programme more than 10 000 individuals in each of the three countries will acquire knowledge, which is now required the labour market.
Program consists of two modules: first module covers data and business analytics, and the second module allows program participants to acquire knowledge in app making and software and systems designing, making and testing. 
Courses are for free and in English, they will start in January 2021.
Please register here latest by 11 January.