Alumni mentorship programme

We invite alumni members to become mentors in our mentorship programme for EBS master's students!


The doors of the familiar building on Lauteri street have always been open for our alumni to acquire even more knowledge. However, we believe our graduates themselves have a lot of experience and ideas to share as well.


At the start of each academic year, new EBS graduate students take the Hogan Assessments personality test, and write down their strengths, development opportunities and expectations for EBS. Last year, the questionnaire showed that in addition to regular learning, master's students wish to share experiences and find new approaches by meeting many people other than only those in their classrooms.


Topics that need the most attention outside the curriculum are:

  • developing management skills,
  • running an organisation, and
  • skills and knowledge related to processes.

These expectations became the foundation of the EBS mentorship programme.


In the programme, EBS alumni are the mentors and MBA students the mentees. One of the goals of the programme is to help solve a problem in the mentee's company, based on the mentor's experiences.

Every mentor chooses their mentee to cooperate and share ideas with during the academic year.

If you wish to participate in the programme as a mentor or have any additional questions, please contact Katrin Järv (