Scholarship for foreign master students

Scholarship for foreign master students

Goal: The goals of this action are to support foreign Master’s students studying in Estonia, thereby contributing to the exchange of knowledge, to make the local study process more internationalised and to increase the amount of highly educated workers in Estonia in the long run.

Eligibility requirements: Support is offered to talented foreign Master’s students in Estonian universities. Support is offered to foreign Master’s students in full-time studies until the end of the nominal time of their studies for one academic year at a time.


  • The grant can be awarded to a Master’s student of Estonian Business School:
  • who is not a resident and citizen of the Republic of Estonia and whose country of residence is not Estonia;  
  • who has not resided in Estonia during the last three years in total for more than one year (if the applicant is a first year Master´s student), unless the person has studied and completed Master´s studies in an Estonian institution of higher education during the time concerned, and who begin their studies in Estonian Business School as of September 1;
  • who study in degree programme at full-time study load; 
  • who study in nationally recognised study programmes which are offered fully in a foreign language;
  • who does not receive support for their studies from other sources. The student personally confirms not receiving a scholarship from other sources;
  • who study in curricula delivered in Tallinn.

Amount of scholarship: The scholarship for foreign Master’s students is 350 euros per month. The scholarship could be awarded for one academic year, i.e. 10 calendar months at a time.

Application procedure: A free format signed application to stand as a candidate is submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by September 10. The application includes the year of admission, title of the curriculum and a confirmation that the student does not receive financial support under other measures.

Decision procedure: For granting the foreign Master´s student`s scholarship the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs will convene the Grants Commission.

Estonian Business School´s procedure for applying for sub-action 2.1.