Andrew Sai defends doctoral thesis „A Process-Trace of Selected Innovation- and Technology-Led Economic Growth Factors and Their Implications For Estonia´s Economic Development“

Doktoritöö kaitsmine
See the defence on Friday, 4 December at 13:00-15:00 via live broadcast on EBS YouTube channel.

Andrew Sai summarizes the following in his doctoral dissertation:

„This dissertation sought to identify economic growth determinants and explore their implications on Estonia’s economic growth since 2000. Estonia had been touted as having made tremendous technological progress since 2000. Nations that aspire to an innovation- and technology-led economy must first look to improving fundamental components of the economy, which are more dependent on the production, distribution and use of knowledge than ever before. In the innovation- and technology-led economy, knowledge accumulation, human capital development and technological innovation are central to economic growth. The root research question is: what are the determinants of economic growth and economic development in Estonia between 2000 and 2015? [- - -] The research findings from testing the hypotheses revealed that the distinction between direct and indirect growth factors is unambiguous and that a causal relationship may exist between the selected economic growth factors, economic innovation, economic growth, and economic development of Estonia.“

Click here to read the doctoral dissertation.


professor Olav Aarna, PhD, Estonian Business School

professor Hannu Ruonavaara, Professor of Sociology, University of Turku, Finland
Ott Pärna, PhD, School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Tartu

See the defence on Friday, 4 December at 13:00-15:00 via live broadcast on EBS YouTube channel here.