Change starts with education, this is why you need an MA!

Jim Seltenrijch, the Head of Master’s Studies at EBS

It is time to act upon the large challenges at hand that impact our future and our planet. Businesses have an increased pressure to deal with societal, environmental, and economical issues. However, they are currently poorly equipped to do so. To tackle all these issues, a next generation of managers and leaders with a new mindset is needed. Within the MA programme Business Innovation in the New Economy, we focus exactly on these topics preparing you as a leader who is ready for whatever the future may bring.


Business Innovation in the New Economy, is all about balancing organisational survival while also making an impact on the society and planet as a whole. This is why, in our MA, we equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to help organisations forward but also provide you with the tools and leadership mindset to make the change actually happen. Our updated specialisations, Leveraging Green Economy Innovation or Leading Digitalisation and Navigating the Start-up Economy, enable you to become an expert in these challenges and lead organisations through their needed transition. 


Are you up for this challenge and ready to be a change leader rather than a change follower? With our specialisation in the green economy, we prepare you the deal with management and organisational topics related to climate change, biodiversity, sustainability, etc. In other words, how can you help organisations to make a positive impact on the planet? Our other specialisation, digitalisation and start-up economy, deals not only with the actual automation and digitalisation of processes but also with the human side of an organisation that undergoes these efforts. We answer the questions, how can we balance the economic and social impact of digitalisation, but also what can traditional organisations learn from start-ups? 


Finally, an MA supports your career ambitions as it helps you to stand out from others. In an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing labour market being an expert in your field gives you a great career advantage. When a bachelor’s degree provides you the broad foundation, a master’s diploma helps you to specialise and to gain deeper knowledge and fine-tuned skills. Do not postpone your MA to “later”, as later might never happen. This is the moment to take the opportunity and take the next step in your career. 


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