EBS Helsinki Alumna Nina Jalo: “EBS empowered me to reach higher and put me on a path to finding what I’m good at.“

EBS alumna Nina Jalo
EBS alumna Nina Jalo
Nina Jalo graduated from EBS Helsinki in 2015. Currently, she works as Global Offering Manager, Insights for Smarter Buildings at KONE. Read more about her journey and why EBS was the right choice for her.


  • Name: Nina Jalo
  • Graduation year: 2015
  • Study Programme: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, International Business Administration
  • Workplace: KONE

What/Who did you want to be when you grew up? 
My whole life I’ve heard from people around me that I will be a ‘businesswoman’. I guess they were right. From selling candy, berries, and mushrooms to my neighborhood to traveling between continents for an international company.  I’ve always wanted to achieve something, live life to the fullest, and find ways to utilize my capabilities the best way I can. I am still looking for that achievement I could settle with. I must say, my father, is my inspiration when it comes to business. “Everybody tackles with their style.”

What’s your motto in life?
My last yearbook says: “Trying to survive life”, but on a more serious note: "I like things to happen, and if they don't happen I like to make them happen." -Winston Churchill 

What would be your book recommendation? 
I am a dreamer and in my world of escapism, and I like to live in other realities:  His dark materials, by Philip Pullman is a trilogy I have read many times. 

I don’t feel the need to read motivation or ways to change organizations out of books, I prefer to get that from people around me. One of my old classmates always used to say: “We’re killing it” with such confidence and support towards our team, which stuck with me. When I need to present to a larger crowd nowadays, I keep repeating that mantra and feeling that confidence, and it sure does work!


What was your first corporate job?
My success story started from the minute I decided to start educating myself while taking on new job projects and opportunities across Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. After finalizing my double masters in Sydney, I landed in KONE International Trainee Program, in Singapore, for 6 months, ending in November 2017. After that, I was offered a position as a Learning and Development Specialist for the Asia Pacific.


What are you currently doing for a living?
I work as Global Offering Manager, Insights for Smarter Buildings at KONE. Relocated back to Finland after 4 years in the Asia Pacific and started in my recent role back in October 2021. Currently, I am responsible for some of our digital service sales when it comes to selling data and insights from our own systems to customer systems.


Why did you choose EBS? 
The idea of studying in Finnish didn’t motivate me since I wanted an international career. I also wanted still to work during my bachelor’s studies in Finland and was planning to continue my studies after EBS abroad. Good classmates and trips to Tallinn brought a bit more fun to the mix!


What is the most important thing you took from EBS?
Estonian Business School was a good milestone for me. I had a great thesis supporter and supervisor Kätlin Pulk who pushed me to get the best out of my research on Change Management. This resulted in work I am still proud of and utilize in my daily work. EBS also gave me a chance to attend a certified training session "Government, Security, and Conflict in the Cyber Age" by Oxford University in cooperation with Tallinn University. The course was a delight, I gained some new friends and it gave me lots of new insight into Cyber Security. In a way, EBS empowered me to reach higher and put me on a path to finding what I’m good at.


Alumni career advice:
Take that year and go for exchange. I had my Erasmus year at WU, Vienna University of Economics and Business. These experiences not only develop your personal growth, and language skills but widen your network. Also, this exposes you to opportunities, while offering you another academic perspective. One of the biggest reasons, I applied to EBS was their great list of exchange universities. I suggest you use this opportunity.

Also, surround yourself with intelligent and confident people – that rub off on you too. Go to networking events even though you wouldn’t feel like it because you will never know who you are going to meet. Start discussions with strangers and develop your confidence and ability to small talk. Always be prepared, and don’t be afraid to hold your ground and speak up. Trying is better than never taking a chance.


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