Are you ready to change the world or are you the one being changed?

Uus maailm vajab uue mõttemaailmaga juhte!
EBS’s innovative MA programme focuses on the challenges of the future world. Learn how to contribute to the society and the living environment whilst being a great leader and a successful entrepreneur.

First in Estonia, EBS offers an innovative MA programme, which prepares managers to solve the challenges of the future world. In addition to making a profit, the need to deal with social, environmental and economic problems has become an inevitable part of entrepreneurship. However, managers often lack the necessary skills to do that.


EBS’s new MA programme Business Innovation in a New Economy teaches how to face the challenges of the changing world. In addition to excellent management and business skills, the new programme provides knowledge on how to contribute to society and the environment through profitable entrepreneurship.


Let’s create a better world together!


In order to contribute to a new and better world, EBS offers scholarships to the best candidates. The allocation of the scholarship is decided according to the candidate's vision and ideas on the topic.


Are you ready to change the world or will you remain the one who is being changed? Find out here what EBS's innovative master's program can offer you!