EBS Helsinki through the eyes of freshmen

The Helsinki campus has a tight-knit community and the entrepreneurial environment is highlighted when asked what is the best thing about studying at EBS.

It is said that education is the best investment you can make. Choosing to study in a university and to expand one’s thinking is an admirable endeavor, although sometimes daunting as well. Perhaps you have just finished your secondary education and are ready to take the next step in your academic and professional development or perhaps you already have some working experience under your belt and want to educate yourself further or change your profession. Stepping into academia is one of the best decisions you can make. You are not only choosing what to study but also where and how. "In this article I want to share the thoughts of our Helsinki campus Business Administration freshmen who chose to study at EBS  Helsinki this year forwards." - Denis Shemyakin.



EBS is proud of its international profile and its diverse academic faculty. In this light it is no surprise that the international degree programme is by far the most important reason for our freshmen to study at EBS. In a quantitative research questionnaire conducted on 10 December 2020, up to 47% the international degree was the most important aspect of their studies. The degree is comparable to the Finnish equivalent of kauppatieteiden tutkinto and is recognized in accordance with the EU's higher education criteria. This gives our students greater flexibility in pursuing an international career over their Finnish counterparts, as they have already demonstrably mastered the international environment.



“EBS was the right choice: being able to study in English and nearby where I live - perfect.” - EBS Freshman



The more unique opportunities our students have are the session-based studies. The lectures are held twice a week on workdays every other week. This enables working alongside your studies. Of the surveyed freshmen 93% are working alongside studies. Many have an ongoing career already when they are entering EBS, and many do not want to depend on the low study grant from KELA. Regardless of the motive, a person with relevant job experience and a degree has an edge over a person with just a degree. 



“EBS is the perfect school for one who wants to study but also work at the same time. The atmosphere in the school is highly supportive towards that.” - EBS Freshman



The Helsinki campus has a tight-knit community and the entrepreneurial environment is highlighted when asked what is the best thing about studying at EBS. Thanks to the smaller size of the campus, we are not plagued by rigid bureaucracy of larger institutions. Here you will meet like minded and encouraging friends, who will support you throughout your journey. The added value comes in the forms of networking and opportunities through contacts in the corporate world. The Marketing Sharks Club is an excellent example of the innovative way of doing things, combined with links to the real world businesses. 



“EBS is a great place to study, the quality of teaching and the use of hybrid learning systems is amazing. Very highly appreciated school and a great choice if you are interested in a potential future abroad.” - EBS Freshman



This article and the research was conducted by Denis Shemyakin, EBS Helsinki freshman, who is taking part in the Marketing Sharks Club and the student union of HEBSry. In case of any questions of the studies at EBS, turn to him via email: denis.shemyakin@ebs.ee