EBS High School student Sofia Blokhin is participating in Chess Olympics!

maleolümpia sophia blokhin
EBS High School student Sofia Blokhin (first from the right) is participating in Chess Olympics! in India
At the International Chess Olympics in Chennai, India, taking place from July 28 to August 9, Estonia will be presented by a ten-member team, including Sofia Bolokhin, an 11th grade student of EBS High School. In total five female and five male players from Estonia are heading to the Olympics. 

This year 188 countries have registered for the biennial Chess Olympics. Previously, 23 countries have received medals from the olympics. Among them Estonia in 1939, when the team with Paul Keres played on the first table, winning the bronze. The best result since Estonias re-independence belongs to the women’s team which took sixth place in 1994. 


Estonian national team has been represented on the world chess map already since 1930s. In the upcoming Chess Olympics Estonian women’s team is 30th and men’s team 57th in the starting rating. The Estonian team includes grandmasters Aleksandr Volodin and Meelis Kanep, international champions Andrei Shishkov and Kalle Kiik, as well as FIDE champion Kirill Chukavin. 


The first table of the Estonian Women’s team is grandmaster Mai Narva, who recently fulfilled the norm of the men’s international champion for the third time. The team also includes women’s international champion Margareth Olde and women’s FIDE champions Anastassia Sinitsyna, Triin Narva ja Sofia Blokhin. The non-playing captain of the Estonian national team and the coach of the women’s team is  Kaido Külaots. All members of the women’s team belong to the Estonian Olympic Commitee’s Team Estonia system.