Estonian President and Startup Wise Guys at EBS


EBS stands as a pioneering institution committed to delivering top-tier business education and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. With a rich legacy of shaping future leaders, EBS continues to drive educational excellence and innovation.


EBS and Startup Wise Guys hosted the "Future Generation Estonia" event to inspire young entrepreneurs, creating a dynamic platform to nurture entrepreneurial aspirations among the youth. Scheduled to take place in the auditorium at EBS, the event offered a series of engaging activities and discussions. Attendees had the privilege of gaining insights into the latest trends and opportunities in entrepreneurship through a presentation by the SWG team, known for their expertise in the field. 
An impactful pitch about Estonia showcased the nation's strengths, positioning it as an ideal landscape for cultivating the ambitions of budding entrepreneurs.
The event's highlight was a roundtable discussion, focusing on the theme "How to make Estonia even more entrepreneurial-friendly for future generations?" Participants will brainstorm innovative strategies and ideas to further enhance the nation's entrepreneurial ecosystem.


It was a special honor to have Alar Karis, the President of the Republic of Estonia attend the event. 
Alar Karis: “The summer camp for young entrepreneurs initiated by Startup Wise Guys has two main objectives: to share knowledge and skills in the field of startup entrepreneurship with the youth, and to introduce Estonia as a nurturing environment for influential unicorns. Participants were selected from a pool of 600 young individuals. The most enthusiastic among them reached Tallinn. There are representatives from 13 countries. During the discussion, I heard about how Estonia appears to young Brazilians, Japanese, or Kazakhs. Their impression is brighter than what we might assume here in Estonia. I explained that Estonia's success stories can't always be directly replicated. They can serve as inspiration, but each country has something unique and distinct that the new generation, filled with determination, will certainly achieve.


The "Future Generation Estonia" event underscores EBS's dedication to nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship among young visionaries, in turn contributing to Estonia's economic growth and innovation. The event promises to be a collaborative and enlightening experience, fostering networking and idea exchange.


Many thanks to Startup Wise Guys for the cooperation!