How to successfully manage online studies

Foto: Unsplash
Transferring to online studies brings up new personal challenges. We will look into some of them and provide inspiration and support in coping with the reorganised way of studying.

Our daily lives have changed a lot since taking up online studies instead of a classroom setting. The good news is, it is possible to be productive and achieve your goals also in the changed circumstance. Consider the following as inspiration and support. 

  • Time management is the key

Create a personal study routine and stick to it! Think through how you spend your time and where your priorities are. It is of much help to use a virtual or physical weekly planner and jot down lectures and individual working hours. Plan your work time according to your personal needs and times of productivity. Be realistic, burnout is not the goal – plan out time for rest, workouts and lunch!

  • Set measurable goals

Studying online requires discipline. It would be reasonable to set your study goals and strategies to attain them and include them in your weekly planner, so that you can see them all the time. Goals can vary in detail, for example they can be set for a study year, course or a lecture, or for a year, month, week or day. Setting realistic goals keeps you motivated and on track, because we need to take steps today to succeed tomorrow!

  • Stay focused

It is easier to keep your attention present in a classroom lecture than in an online one. Use the same strategies for focusing as work for you in a physical setting – concentrate on what is being said, listen actively, make notes and ask questions. Make sure you turn off internet in devices you do not use for work during lectures, individual and group assignments to avoid procrastinating and wasting precious time on social media.  

  • Create a support system

In turbulent times, support from people facing same challenges is crucial. Continue your study groups online and meet regularly for discussions to exchange ideas and obstacles. Be active and invite your coursemates who do not yet participate. Many of us probably need support and socialization in this new situation, but are not eager to ask! Let us be mindful and notice those around us and offer help when needed.