EBS issued a degree diploma to a total of 201 students!


On Tuesday, June 20, the spring graduation ceremony of EBS University took place in the Estonia Concert Hall, where graduation diplomas were awarded to 201 students. EBS final diploma was awarded to 130 bachelor`s students, 68 master's students, and 3 doctoral students. A total of 8 people graduated with the mark Cum laude on their final diploma.

EBS rector Meelis Kitsing wished the graduates good luck and expressed his appreciation to all EBS students who still managed to focus on their studies in the rapidly changing world conditions. In his speech to the recent graduates, the rector considered it important to focus on the aspects of learning together, the development of artificial intelligence, and being human.
Meelis Kitsing: "In turbulent times, learning together has been and will be important in the future as well. There is something fundamental about physically meeting each other for the purpose of learning - a different kind of energy is created, which allows for even better learning. Of course, we cannot overcome the use of technologies and artificial intelligence in the classroom and in the labor market, but the insanely fast development of the latter forces us to once again focus on the human qualities that make us human - intuition, creativity, imagination, and curiosity. These qualities have not necessarily been valued in the labor market, but I hope that as future entrepreneurs and decision-makers, you can rely more consciously and more on your intuition, be creative and curious, ask difficult questions, and embrace not only individual but also collective imagination."

Students Matteo Pasolli and Dario Scotti, who gave a speech on behalf of the graduates, reflected on the journey that has reached today and realized how much they have changed during their studies. The young people who came from Italy to Estonia to study at the Estonian Business School highly value the modern study methods and practical business knowledge/skills of the chosen university. "EBS has given us all the necessary tools to succeed in the business world - we have ideas and the need to implement them, we have acquired the critical mind and analytical skills necessary in the business, we are entrepreneurial and have managed various business challenges. We also have valuable contacts that are always useful in the business world". Matteo and Dario, recent EBS alumni, also appreciate Estonia's open, innovative business environment with great digital opportunities.

EBS alumni Kadri Lindpere, managing director of the Estonian Private and Venture Capital Association, graduated from EBS exactly 20 years ago and acknowledged that EBS has indeed given him strong wings to fly high in the entrepreneurial world. However, over the years, while spreading her wings, she also learned lessons, which she shared with the new graduates. Kadri Lindpere: "First of all - making an impression is not always impressive. Yes, working hard is admirable, but the goal in the work process should not be to impress and lose yourself. Second, listen rather than talk. Ask questions, study the background, and try to understand and notice the individuality of people. And third - try, experiment, fail if necessary. Fail with pride, because it is from failure that the best lessons can be learned."

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EBS sincerely thanks its staff and lecturers for the work they did with all their hearts!
Congratulations, and success to the graduates!
Smart choices for further studies everyone!