In the coming years, a unique learning and entrepreneurship hub worth 100 million euros will be built next to the main building of EBS


The campus, planned by Estonian Business School SA on the property located at Lauteri 3 in Tallinn, has received official construction permits, and large-scale construction work will begin in the second half of this year. The total area of the campus will be 44,000 square meters, and the estimated cost of the development project is 100 million euros. The project is being carried out by EBS in collaboration with Metro Capital.


As a landmark part of the learning and entrepreneurship campus, a 30-story high-rise building will be constructed at the address Lauteri 3 in the center of Tallinn. The building has been designed by ALA Architects from Finland (known for their architectural works such as the Helsinki Central Library Oodi and the new terminal of Vantaa Airport).


The concept of the campus envisions the creation of a unique hub for entrepreneurial and educational development for various stakeholders in business and business education. This means that in the future, the campus will provide ample opportunities for learning, self-improvement, and responsible business activities. Additionally, it will host numerous exciting events aligned with the interests of stakeholders, including conferences, concerts, and other activities.


The current EBS campus building is an integral part of the new development, with most of the auditoriums located in the existing school building. The new structure will add team rooms, quiet study areas, some high-tech classrooms, and various event spaces, including the largest one capable of accommodating events with up to 500 participants. The architectural design of the new development combines offices and coworking spaces with educational and collaborative areas. The complex also includes planned dining areas, a sports hall, a rooftop garden, and 100 exclusive apartments. The sale of apartments will begin in 2024 and will be organized by Metro Capital.


The EBS campus will create a unique environment for stakeholders who value responsible entrepreneurship and self-development. These stakeholders include entrepreneurs, both aspiring and experienced, students, self-learners, faculty, mentors, investors, and organizations. The inspiring environment, motivated individuals, and their entrepreneurial lifestyle will provide opportunities for personal and corporate growth and experimentation within the campus. Collaboration points will be established between individuals and organizations driven by responsible growth. Together, challenges will be solved, and they will be the guiding forces and future builders of the entrepreneurial environment.


Additional information:
Mart Habakuk
Estonian Business School SA