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We are delighted that you are considering continuing your studies in the Estonian Business School. The admission process is done timely and we expect you to pay attention to the deadlines and admission requirements. Every part of your application matters - the aim of our admission process is to find students who are the best fit for Estonian Business School. 


The application enables you to introduce yourself to the admission committee and give the first impression of you. EBS is committed to creating an international learning environment and valuing students with different cultural backgrounds.  


You will be asked about your educational and professional experience, goals, and future perspectives in the application. We will also ask you to highlight why you are interested in a certain programme. All the applicants will have to participate in the admission interview.



Admission information

All the admission information can be found here.
Country specific requirements Here you will find a detailed explanation of country-specific requirements
How to apply?

Find the step by step guide for applying here.





Frequently asked Questions





What is the admission procedure to apply to EBS? Please find the admission procedure here
How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

All the program-specific requirements are described under the program.


Bachelor programs:

Master programs:


EBS does not provide pre-evaluation for education documents via email. To apply you must submit an online application. You can find information about the required documents and tips on how to submit your application here

Can I start my studies during the Spring semester?

EBS accepts international students only for the Autumn semester. Estonian and Finnish students can apply for studies starting in Spring.

For more specific deadlines please check our admission page.


In which language are studies conducted?  Studies are conducted either in Estonian (program: Entrepreneurship and Business) or in English (programs: International Business Administration BA & MA, Enterpreneurshi in the Digital Era, 1 or 2-year MBA)
Can I transfer my studies to EBS?

Students who wish to transfer their studies to EBS have to go through the application procedure and receive acceptance from EBS.


Transferring the subjects depends on how many of the subjects are similar in content and credit points.


Your previous university might have similar subjects, but you might not be able to transfer all the subjects since programs are not always 100% similar.  Please also note that transferred studies will not be calculated into study load as international students need to study at full load to be able to keep their residence permit. A full load of studies means you need to receive at least 60 ECTS per academic year. 


Please find the admission procedure here

I do not meet the described admission criteria, can I still apply?

EBS reviews and approves applications that meet the minimum requirements to apply for the program. 


EBS will not continue the application process with the applicants who fail to meet the eligibility criteria. Application and relevant documents will be processed only after the application fee is received. EBS does not process documents via email.


Minimum requirements to apply for the program are the following:

  • Application in DreamApply together with educational documents
  • In order to qualify for the studies in EBS an applicant has to have at least 60% of the highest possible GPA.
  • An internationally recognized language test (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge) has to be presented. Most of the language tests are valid for 2 years. The language test has to be valid during the application period.

  • All the programs have also program-specific requirements that are described under the program.

Is an internationally recognized English test compulsory?

For equal evaluation, we ask the candidates to present an internationally recognized English language test, so that results could be comparable.  Requirements are set by the university in order to make sure that you’ll be able to keep up with the program once you are studying at our university.


EBS reserves a right to waive the requirements based on the previous experience with applicants from different countries.


Requirements for internationally recognized language tests:

  • TOEFL iBT score 87
  • IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing Service) 5.5 with 5.5 or above in each band.
    Please note that the IELTS test result is valid 2 years.
  • Cambridge test FCE (CAE; CPE are suitable as well)

The internationally recognized test of English may be replaced by: 

  • Completion of previous educational level in a country where the English language is spoken as mother-tongue. EBS waves requirement only for the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.
  • Completion of the previous level of education taught fully in English in EU/EEA member states.
    Please note that the transcript of the record must include that studies were conducted fully in English.
  • Other countries have to present an internationally recognized language test even if the student studied previously in the English language.
Does EBS have English preparatory course that I can take if I don't meet the requirements? EBS does not offer English preparatory course or a foundation year for international students.
What is the required GPA for applying? Different countries have very different grading systems, however, EBS does not accept candidates with a GPA of less than 60%. 

Can I apply for more than one program?

In total, you can submit 2 applications during one application round.
Do I have to pay the application fee?

The application fee is 120€ and it allows the applicant to apply for 2 programs during one application round. 


Application and relevant documents will be processed only after the application fee is received. 


The application fee invoice will be sent via DreamApply after the admission specialist has received your application. Please keep in mind that the invoice is not generated automatically. Candidates from EU/EAA countries and from Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan are exempted from the application fee payment. Application fee payment is required from all the other applic


The application fee is non-refundable.

What if I don't have my final grades yet? When you apply, ask your educational institution to send us the most recent school report, which allows us to review your performance in the first half of your senior year. Final education documents, including diploma and transcript, will be requested from you only in summer. 
Should I apply through SAIS or DreamApply system?

As long as you hold any citizenship other than Estonian, your application should be submitted to Dreamapply.

Estonians have to use SAIS system to apply to EBS.

When should I apply for visa or temporary residence permit? 

All students who are not Estonian citizens need to apply for a visa, temporary residence permit or register their place of residence in Estonia.


The visa and residence permit application process will begin after the student has been accepted to study on the chosen program and paid the tuition fee.


Please find more information about applying for a visa or temporary residence permit here.

Can non-EU students study in EBS Helsinki?

Due to regulations, non-EU applicants can only be accepted to EBS Tallinn. EBS in Helsinki may only accept Finnish and EU-applicants.

Application in DreamApply

How to create an account in DreamApply system?

The applicant has to submit the application in DreamApply and upload all relevant documents. In order to submit the application account in DreamApply has to be created. If you need guidance regarding DreamApply system, please follow Applicant Help page.


All the communication regarding your application will be done via DreamApply system.

Do I need to submit a new online application if I apply for the second time? We kindly ask to use the same Dreamapply account while applying. However, it is necessary to submit an application for each admission period as the admission requirements might change.
I have submitted my application, but have not received the feedback. What should I do?

Please make sure that your application is submitted. In order to do so, please press the key SUBMIT on the top right corner of your application.


Once the application is submitted and the application fee payment has been confirmed your application will be evaluated. You will receive the feedback via DreamApply system within 1 week.

Can I apply for more than one program? In total, you can submit 2 applications during one application round.
Do I have to pay the application fee?

The application fee is 120€ and it allows the applicant to apply for 2 programs during one application round. 


Application and relevant documents will be processed only after the application fee is received. 


The application fee invoice will be sent via DreamApply after the admission specialist has received your application. Please keep in mind that the invoice is not generated automatically. Candidates from EU/EAA countries and from Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus are exempted from the application fee payment. Application fee payment is required from all the other applicants.


The application fee is non-refundable.

How can I track my application process?

You can track your application process in DreamApply system. It is important that you check your Dreamapply account regularly as it is the primary way in which we will communicate with you.

  • No offer yet  -  Your application has been submitted. You will receive an offer once the admission specialist reviews your application. Applications are reviewed based on the submission order. 
  • Feedback - You have been issued and application fee invoice.
  • Positive feedback - The data you presented meets the requirements and you should send your educational documents to EBS.
  • Does not qualify  -  Unfortunately, with the data your provided you do not meet the minimum requirements. Please make sure you read the requirements carefully, before submitting your application. 
  • Examinations - You have successfully passed the pre-evaluation and may now continue with the admission interview. Admission interview time is offered separately for every applicant.
  • Not accepted - based on the application and the admission interview EBS admission committee decided not to offer you study place in EBS. It means we believe EBS is not the right fit for you. 
  • Conditionally accepted - You have successfully passed the admission interview. To get full acceptance we would need you to fulfill conditions that are brought out in the conditional acceptance letter. Once they are fulfilled we will issue a final acceptance letter.
  • Accepted - Congratulations! You have successfully passed all the entrance requirements and we cannot wait to meet you.


What kind of educational documents do I need for applying?

We would ask you to send us:

  • Notarized/certified educational documents
  • Scanned copy of your passport or another identification document

 Documents that are required for Bachelor studies:

  • Higher Secondary Education diploma or equivalent
  • Grade transcript and examination results

Documents that are required for Master studies:

  • Bachelor diploma or the equivalent
  • Academic transcript

Documents that are required for Doctoral studies:

  • For Doctoral studies please check the requirements here.

All education documents sent to us have to be officially certified. The purpose of certifying/notarizing is to ensure the authenticity of the original document. 


A certified/notarized translation is a translation of an original document into English done by a certified translator, confirmed by a notary or issued by the educational institution who issued the original document.


If your institution where you obtained education does not provide your documents in English, you need an official notarized translation of the certificates into English. Please note that the application documents will not be returned.

When is the deadline to send in educational documents?

We evaluate educational documents that have arrived on time and we can connect to the application in DreamApply. Before sending your educational documents to EBS make sure you have received feedback to your submitted application in DreamApply.


It is highly recommended that your documents arrive at EBS before the deadline. However, the documents that are posted on the deadline (stamped with the date of the deadline) are also accepted but not as the first priority. 

Where should I send my educational documents?

Send your educational documents to EBS to the following address: 


Admissions and Studies Office, 
A.  Lauteri street 3, room 103, 10114, Tallinn, Estonia
To whom: EBS Admission


EBS will send the educational documents for assessment to the Estonian ENIC/NARIC Center which evaluates foreign qualifications and compares them to the Estonian educational system.


As it can take the Estonian ENIC/NARIC center at least a month to evaluate educational documents, we kindly ask you to make sure you send your documents before the admission deadline.

What is ENIC/NARIC center?

To ensure that all submitted education documents are authentic and grant access to higher education in Estonia, they are verified by an Academic Recognition Information Centre called  ENIC/NARIC.


Please note that a positive ENIC/NARIC evaluation decision is a pre-requisite for receiving the final admission decision. Positive ENIC/NARIC evaluation does not automatically grant positive admission decision.


More about the Estonian ENIC/NARIC center can be read here.

Do I need to send my internationally recognized language test to EBS? There is no need to send us IELTS or TOEFL certificate by post - you may just upload your language certificate online. We are able to verify the authenticity of your results online. 

Admission decision

How long will it take me to receive the admission decision? You will receive the admission decision approximately 1 week after the admission interview.
What is the deadline to confirm the study place? You will receive the deadline indication to confirm the studies together with your acceptance letter. 
Can I postpone the studies?

If you cannot start studies right away, please inform us.


You will have to make a new application next year and you will be asked to participate in the new admission interview. However, we will keep your educational documents and ENIC/NARIC evaluation for that 1 year.

When will the acceptance letter be issued?

The final acceptance letter will be issued after the admission process is over. 


The acceptance letter is sent to an applicant, who: 

  • has sent all the required documents to EBS and received a positive evaluation from Estonian ENIC/NARIC center 
  • has successfully passed admission interview
  • has confirmed their study offer in DreamApply system
  • has paid the tuition fee according to the invoice.

Financing my studies

How much is the tuition fee?

All the tuition fees are program-specific and you can find the information under the program description. 


Bachelor programs:

Master programs:

Is there any tuition fee waiver I can apply for? All the applicants have to pay the tuition fee, EBS does not offer tuition fee waivers.
Does EBS have any scholarships? Please read more about the scholarship opportunities here.
Can I pay my tuition fee in more than 1 part?

Candidates outside of the European Union (excluding Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Georgia), who have been accepted are requested to pay the first year tuition fee prior to the beginning of studies.

For the following years, students will pay based on the semester fee.

International students from the European Union, who have been accepted will be charged per semester on the basis of the semester fee.


An invoice will be sent together with the acceptance letter.