Center for Free Economic Thought

The Center for Free Economic Thought at Estonian Business School is an independent and non-partisan think-tank. The primary purpose of the center is to encourage debate on important economic and social issues among students, faculty, representatives of public and private sector. The range of topics covered by the think-tank is completely open as long as they are crucial for the Estonian, European and international economy. The center focuses on economic policy, the European Union, international trade and a number of theoretical and empirical issues, which are important for the advancement of Estonian as well as international economy. The main outlet is to organize seminars, discussion and conferences. In addition, the center encourages research by students and faculty on important economic and social issues and supports research collaboration with  different Estonian and international institutions. 



Juan Sáenz-Diez

Director, Center for Free Economic Thought


The Advisory Council of the Center for Free Economic Thought

  • Jüri Saar, EBS alumnus
  • Alar Kein, EBSi majandusteooria ja rahanduse õppetool
  • Kaire Põder, EBSi professor ja TTÜ vanemteadur
  • Alari Purju, Professor at TalTech
  • James Oates, British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
  • Petri Kajander, former CEO of Libra
  • Tom Palmer, Cato Institute vanemteadur ja Atlas Economic Research Foundationi asepresident USAs
  • Fredrik Erixon, European Centre for International Political Economy direktor
  • Mark Bathgate, ABD Investment Management, Head of Research Londonis
  • Anna Ebers, University of St Gallen