New Approaches to Public Service Delivery and Policy/ Regulatory Design

Estonian Business School (EBS) is inviting applications for a doctoral position in new approaches to public service delivery and policy/regulatory design in the context of its PhD programme in Management. Candidates can apply for either the traditional research track or for the applied/ experimental innovation track.


The position is either full-time (40 hours/week) or part-time depending on the individual circumstances of the candidates (to be agreed individually). The expected start date is on 1 September 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter, with a nominal duration of 48 months. The proposed research grant/ scholarship is for the duration of the PhD (4 years), subject to an annual review of progress towards completion of the PhD. 


The position is based at the EBS Tallinn campus in Estonia (A. Lauteri 3, Tallinn, Estonia). 

Research subject

We are looking for doctoral candidates to conduct research and real-life or simulated testing/ implementation (for the applied/ experimental PhD track) into innovative methods and knowledge-based approaches for improving the efficiency and timely delivery of public services in areas related to major societal challenges (e.g. climate, environment, energy, transport, health and demography, skills and education, inequality, security etc.). Proposals addressing public service/funding/support provision or policy/regulatory design at any level of government (local, regional, national, supranational) are encouraged. Proposals could also address: the potential of novel approaches encompassing public sector-, private sector- and civil society co-operation; integrated approaches bringing together a combination of different mechanisms and intervention tools at the disposal of public authorities towards achieving predefined policy objectives; improving the efficiency of distribution and intervention mechanisms through innovative design and technology approaches.

The research and project work will be co-ordinated and supervised by the Political Economy and Society research group at the Estonian Business School with support from other topical groups as necessary, depending on the scope of individual proposals (e.g. Management and Organisations, Marketing and Communication, Finance and Accounting, Economics, Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship, Methods and Design, Green Economy and CSR).

Important dates

Application deadline is tied with the application to the PhD programme.


The PhD journey of each doctoral candidate is highly individualised and the balance of activities will be tailored for each individual candidate depending on whether they choose to apply for the classical or applied/ experimental PhD track. It is, however, likely that the candidate will engage in the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of an independent research and application agenda related to the candidate’s PhD project
  • Close collaboration with the candidate’s supervisor(s) and project team
  • Contributing to a number of different projects related to the candidate’s field of activity
  • Publishing academic outputs
  • Teaching or assisting in teaching activities (including supervision of thesis) in courses related to the candidate’s field of study
  • Other relevant activities

Work environment and remuneration

Active participation in EBS’ academic and business ecosystem is a high priority. We emphasise the importance of good working relationships among colleagues and with our students. In order to maintain and develop the department’s excellent teaching and research environment, the successful applicant is expected to be present in the department and take an active part in the research programme on at least a weekly basis. We respect the balance between work and private life and strive to create a work environment in which that balance can be maintained. 


The monthly gross salary is between 2500 and 3000 euros. 


Applicants should preferably hold a MA degree or equivalent qualifications in management or business studies, economics, political science, sociology, or in disciplines related to the topic of the call, e.g. public administration, technology-related disciplines. 

The application should include a 2-4-page proposal for a doctoral research project. 

For admission following documents must be submitted:

  • Application form in the DreamApply platform
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • University diplomas and diploma supplements 
  • Copy of a passport or ID card

The application must be submitted in English. Deadline: 1 August 2022. 

About EBS

Estonian Business School is the oldest private University in the Baltics and the only private university in Estonia.  The faculty is around 30 full-time people, in addition, there are around 45 PhD students, and approximately 1,000 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. The department’s activities are characterised by a high degree of interdisciplinarity, independence and collaboration.  We provide working facilities for the candidate.

Note that EBS is located both in Tallinn and Helsinki. The position is based at EBS Tallinn Campus.