Estonian Business School is the first university in Estonia that offers nanodegrees for self-development.
EBS nanodegrees are the Master’s studies learning modules, which are focused on five areas: communication and marketing, data management, finance and accounting, management and leadership, sustainability and green economy. It allows to gain new knowledge and develop skills in certain area in a quick and flexible way. The length of one module is nine weeks.
What is EBS nanodegree and why to choose it?

  • A flexible and quick way to gain new knowledge and skills – studying lasts around two months
  • Relevance according to the current economic situation
  • Constantly improved programmes
  • You can focus on one area of your preference
  • Grows your competitiveness in the labour market
  • You can use your nanodegree as part of a master’s programme at EBS (15 ECTS) – you may acquire a master’s degree by finishing different nanodegrees and core subjects

Expand your network and be part of a like-minded community!
EBS will open registration for the new nano degrees by the end of December 2022 and end of June 2023. All Nanodegrees are in English. Registration is open via until 72 h before the first lecture of nano or until there is free seats available. If you have not studied EBS before, please book your online  interview

Nanodegrees coming in spring 2023                                                   

 Registration via (login, add to the shopping cart)  starts on December 20, 2022. You can book your interview before that date.

Currently running nanodegrees:

More detailed information about the nanodegrees starting in autumn 2023 (in the period August to October and October to December) can be found on this page no later than March 2023. Registration via  (login, add to the shopping cart)  starts on July 1, 2023


Listen to the EBS podcasts about the nanodegrees here.       


  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Have at least 3 years of work experience in business, entrepreneurship or economics sector. We value both people and process management experience.

  • Sufficient proficiency in English (B2)
  • Passed consultation with EBS consultant

•    For EBS alumni or previous EBS continuing education participants (Open University), please use your current EBS account in MyEBS.     

•    For the prospective learner  for nano degrees only, please write to (please contact me until December 22, 2022 or starting from new year)

•    For starting master's studies at EBS, please write to

NB! If you intend to take a nano degree (or any Open university short-term courses), you will not be issued a residence permit for studies. A residence permit for studying is issued only for studies leading to a degree



Choose the nanodegree as part of your Master’s studies or separately from Open University

Past nanodegrees

The selection of EBS nanodegrees is constantly evolving according to the topics that are currently relevant in the business world and society in general.

Communication nanodegrees

Marketing nanodegrees

Data Management nanodegrees

Finance and Accounting nanodegrees

Management and Leadership nanodegrees

Additional information

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Kadri Osula

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