Application created by EBS alumna and PhD candidate inspires to find crisis-proof business ideas

Foto: Ajujaht
Software called Aligner is a useful tool for EBS students as it helps to edit texts in different languages fast. Global pandemic has not stopped the number of Aligner users grow in March.

Aligner, an application serving as a world's biggest virtual translation agency, reached the finals of Ajujaht, an Estonian TV show serving as accelerator for business ideas. “Ordering translations is often a last-minute request and that is why we saw a necessity after a solution that would help to save time without losing in quality,'' Sandra Roosna, EBS alumna and one of the founders of Aligner software commented. 


What exactly is Aligner?


Aligner is a software that helps to update content in over 100 languages within seconds. An independently developed Aligner DNA technology and versioning control enable every change or update to be immediately reflected in all languages. You simply add, remove or update any paragraph in one language and changes will be instantly highlighted in all other languages. It is possible to create content with your team and connect it to your webpage and Google Docs. 


Result of crisis - higher demand


The communications team at Ajujaht asked Roosna whether the global crises has affected negatively the work of Aligner. Roosna commented that since communication is critical to any business and translations is a big part of it, Aligner team has witnessed the 60% growth in user activity in the month of March. 


Two of the three team members behind Aligner are from Estonian Business School: alumna Sandra Roosna and PhD candidate Nazari Goudin.


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