EBS finished in the top three at the Winter Games with a record number of participants

Photo: Marin Lõo
Photo: Marin Lõo
The Winter Games took place from 24-26 January in Kääriku, where EBS broke the record for most participants this year and made it to the top three.

The Winter Games took place from 24-26 January in Kääriku for the fifth time, bringing together nearly 700 sports-loving students, professors and graduates from universities and colleges all over Estonia. EBS broke the record for most participants at the Winter Games: 54 of our university students, high school students and graduates took part in competitions. In addition, for the first time, EBS made it to the top three out of all 14 universities playing in the Winter Games.


The high school student chosen as EBS's most valuable participant, Luisa Klaar, summarised the event. "Although the Winter Games were snowless this year," she said, "the event was fun and the competitions were creative – I don't know where else I would get the chance to compete at pushing a sofa up a hill. Ice swimming was a memorable event, requiring me to really challenge myself. The EBS crowd was great and supportive, everyone was cheering for one another. I'd definitely take part again, it left me feeling great!"


EBS Student Council sports team leader Michael Sander was happy about the unity of the EBS team. "I was pleased to see so many active EBS people representing us, including many graduates and first year students," he said. "All the new faces were immediately included and the support everyone showed one another during both competitions and the award ceremony felt amazing. We are a small school, but we are characterised by a big heart and unity. I'm proud of our sports team; our members put a lot of effort in to organising the event and all their hard work generated a positive result and an amazing feeling! "


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The Student Summer Games will take place on 26-28 June in Kääriku for all students, graduates and professors representing their university or college. Keep an eye out for registration info and be sure to participate! For more information, see the EBS home page or visit ylisport.ee.


EBS sports team wins:

1st place in the Flipper Run (Peeter Luik)
2nd and 3rd place in the Memory Game (Marie Heleen Lisette Kikkas, Martin Mee, Michael Sander, Joonas Väljataga)
3rd place in Beer Pong (Marie Heleen Lisette Kikkas, Michael Sander)
3rd place in the Sledge Push (Charlotte Pärt, Luisa Klaar, Daniel Sei, Martin Remmelg, Henry Ševtšenko, Hardi Link)
2nd place in Winter Swimming (Daniel Sei)
2nd place in the Ski Relay Race (Marie Heleen Lisette Kikkas, Martin Remmelg, Peeter Luik, Michael Sander)
2nd place in Winter Football (Marie Heleen Lisette Kikkas, Luisa Klaar, Karl Oskar Haak, Jesper Juha, Hardi Link, Randy Padar, Michael Sander, Waltter Onnela)