EBS participates Horizon Europe project to enhance the research and innovation capacity of schools of economics and business

The EU-funded RIS4SEB project assists European universities in participating in the Horizon Europe programme, which focuses on improved funding and innovation in research. The project will develop strategies to enhance research and innovation capabilities and to foster human resource development.

EBS partners with Prague University of Economics and Business, the KUT School of Economics and Business and the SDA Bocconi School of Management in a three-year Horizon Europe project called "Enhancing Research and Innovation Synergies for Schools of Economics and Business".


The aim of the project is to learn from SDA Bocconi School of Management, one of Europe's top business schools, how to:

  • develop and successfully implement a strategy to promote the internationalisation of R&D;
  • enhance the sharing of research infrastructure;
  • improve career models for academic staff;
  • build the R&D competitiveness and reputation.

EBS will lead the development and promotion of the joint R&D internationalisation and infrastructure sharing strategies in the project. In addition, we will jointly map the common research interests of the partner schools' research groups and prepare four additional Horizon Europe project proposals for their funding, one of which will also be led by EBS.


Karmo Kroos, EBS Research and Development Programme Officer, PhD: "Overall, this is a very important project for the strategic and institutional development of the EBS, which should bring the School's research development and management to a much more professional level than before, help us to build up the international network needed for our research, and provide access to partner infrastructure (including laboratories), which would not be economically viable to build only for the needs of the EBS."


Additional information:
Karmo Kroos
EBS Research and Development Programme Officer, PhD
R&D Programme Officer
Estonian Business School