EBS started collaboration with Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland

Signing of the memorandum
EBS and Laurea University of Applied Sciences signed an agreement of collaboration which states that EBS will provide the graduates of Laurea University of Applied Sciences with Doctoral studies.

The aim of the above collaboration agreement is to facilitate the conduct of joint research- and development projects, and offer up to five graduates of Laurea University of Applied Sciences an opportunity to study at the EBS Doctoral programme in Management.


In order to shortlist students for the Doctoral programme, Laurea will carry out the first level selection process and EBS will make the final selection. The first public round of selection at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences has already taken place and been met with great interest among students. This illustrates the importance of the started collaboration agreement.


„Laurea University of Applied Sciences is one of the most popular universities in Finland who has a lot of ongoing scientific projects. The fact that they chose us to be their partner and would like to educate their post graduate students through our Doctoral programme and our academic competence in their projects shows the competitiveness of EBS in the Nordic countries,“ said the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Maarja Murumägi.


Murumägi added that the biggest value of collaboration for Laurea University of Applied Sciences is the fact that despite having their own Doctoral programmes they will now be able to offer Doctoral level research projects in collaboration with EBS supervisors.


In addition to collaboration within Doctoral programmes, the collaboration agreement also  foresees collaboration in other fields, e.g. join applications with regard to research- and development projects and publication of scientific articles.


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