EBS's 35 Years Dedicated to the Future Summarised in a Newly Released E-Book

EBS 35 e-book
During the Estonian Literature week, it is a great pleasure to present the newly released EBS publication – the e-book "35 Years Dedicated to the Future". This digital book describes the history of EBS, receiving a fresh update in celebration of EBS's 35th anniversary, incorporating the chronicles of the university's last five years.

The EBS35 e-book offers a profound insight into the development of EBS, illustrating how a small training centre organising courses for managers evolved into an internationally recognised university. It all began with one man – Madis Habakuk – envisioning a different future, leading to the birth of EBS. Is the school now complete? Far from it – this is just the beginning – yet, in setting a course for the future, it is essential to take a compass from the past. It is beneficial when the past is mapped out, providing a foundation to rely on these valuable insights. Times and customs change, but some things remain – values and principles, dreams and goals.


The book, originally completed for EBS's 30th anniversary as EBS30, has been expanded with several new chapters.
Chapter 6, "Modern business education: a lifelong learning laboratory", discusses the challenges faced by a modern business school. It acknowledges that adaptability is increasingly crucial for universities, alongside the ability to notice changing trends, create something new, and offer solutions at an ever-accelerating pace. Trends are undoubtedly global – the platformisation of universities and the globalisation of business education. More on this can be read here.

Chapter 7, " The changing world reaches post-graduate studies", examines how EBS has kept pace with the times in terms of it’s programmes and teaching methods, EBS as a development partner for organisations, and the invaluable role of EBS Executive Education in training Estonian leaders and introducing executive coaching. The link to the chapter is here.


Chapter 8, " Ever greener EBS", focuses on increasingly important sustainability themes. Sensing future trends has been in EBS's DNA from the beginning. As a business school, EBS has always had the crucial task of training future business leaders – participating in the development and practical testing of new economic models. The link to the chapter is here.


Chapter 9, "The Birth of Eedu", provides insight into the architectural competition called to create the education and entrepreneurship campus Eedu, which attracted the participation of as many as 37 offices. The competition was won by ALA Architects, the Finnish office renowned for designing Helsinki's iconic landmark, Oodi Library, with whom cooperation began to shape a new kind of urban space and the entire EBS community. The link to the chapter is here.


Chapter 11, " Alumni – a guarantee to the school‘s success", has been updated with fresh content. This chapter is particularly inspiring, highlighting the achievements of EBS alumni both in Estonia and abroad. Influential EBS alumni such as Piret Mürk-Dubout, a board member of Tallink Group, Kerli Ats, head of the Estonian Farmers Federation, entrepreneur and investor Randy Padar, and an education and technology promoter and entrepreneur Märt Aro share their stories. They talk about how EBS has changed their lives and where they see EBS's strengths. In the best possible sense, you might say that EBS is like a spider’s web you get stuck in for a long time. The link to the chapter is here.


Chapter 13, " What will EBS be like in 2028?", is a kind of prediction contest. At the end of last year, five EBS members peered into the future and fantasised about what life at EBS would be like in five years. Read what Meelis Kitsing, Jari Kukkonen, Anto Liivat, Gabriel Männe, and Denis Kaiukov predict for EBS. The link to the chapter is here.


Everyone who shares our passion for education and entrepreneurship is warmly invited to explore the fresh e-book. "35 Years Dedicated to the Future" acts as a bridge connecting the past with the future, offering inspiration and motivation. By discovering EBS's story, you can be part of this extraordinary journey. These have been sometimes challenging, always exciting, and also successful 35 years dedicated to the future. And, as the guiding thought of the EBS35 gala said, this is just the beginning.


The book is available in digital format, in Estonian and English. Authored by Heli Lehtsaar-Karma, produced by Menu Media, and published by the Estonian Business School (2018, 2023).


Find the full book in English here.