Estonian Business School’s sports team is running for charity

EBSters at the ROYALS CUP 2018
EBSters at the ROYALS CUP 2018
EBS is participating in the ROYALS CUP online charity running competition on 19-26 April to collect funds for a COVID-19 aid program.

Around 280 students from 14 European business schools are running at least 15,000 km in one week to gather 15,000 euros for the GAVI alliance, a Public-Private Partnership created for equal distribution of vaccines. Donations are made by the participants and sponsors.
People who have kept their eye on the sports activities of EBS in recent times might know that it is not the first time for us to participate in ROYALS CUP. The 33 EBSters squad made its way to Maastricht in the Spring of 2018 to participate with a football, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and relay race team. As we won the relay race, then it is worth trying to win this time again!
As of 22 April, EBS holds first place with a total of 864 km.


The EBS ROYALS CUP 2021 team consists of:

Rain Kivimägi              KBE-17A

Elis-Helen Starkopf    BEB-19A

Ragnar Lelle                IntBBA-20

Davor Tamm               BEB-18

Kerli Ostrov                 MBA20-2a

Tõnis Kaasik                KBE-18A

Ruth Simpson             MBA20-1a

Lauri Tõnise                MBA20-1a

Erki Ani                        MBA20-1a

Vitali Djomin               MBA20-1a

Urmo Keskel               MBA20-1a

Friid Pangsepp           BEB-18

Eero Uustalu               Alumnus 2019

Kristofer Kartau         BEB-18

Mirjam Moisto            BEB-20

Rannar Remmelgas   BEB-20

Elis Vilde                      BEB-20

Marcus Neiland          IntBBA-20

Herti Juhandi              IntBBA-20

Martin Mee                 MA20-2a

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