Maxime Chardon: „Golf is the best way to push your limits“

Maxime Chardon
Maxime Chardon
Arnold Palmer, one of the most famous professional golfers has said: “Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.” If you want to discover the secrets of golf and to find out more about yourself, you are welcome to join EBS masterclass „Golf for Business“ led by PGA Pro Maxime Chardon.

Maxime Chardon has been playing golf for 21 years, 14 of which he has been training others. During his career in golf industry he has held various positions from coach’s assistant to the general manager of the Presidential Golf Course in Equatorial Guinea. Today he runs his own indoor golf center and works as a golf coach in Rae Golf Center.
EBS masterclass „Golf for Business“ led by Maxime starts on 15 May. In the interview below Maxime shares his story, his thoughts about the golf and Estonia and his lessons learned.
How did you find your way to golf and where did you start your golf career? How did you end up in Estonia?
I found my way to golf as a child thanks to my grandfather who took me with him. I drove around the course in a golf cart and hit the ball from time to time. When my grandfather passed away, I started practicing in a golf academy. I feel that while playing golf I am honouring his memory.
I met my wife in Equatorial Guinea where I worked as the golf course manager and the trainer of the national golf team. She is from Estonia, so we decided to move back to Europe while we were expecting our first child.
You have worked on several golf courses in different countries. How do you see Estonians as golf players compared to other nationalities? Are we more modest, are we trying to hide our true feelings and emotions? Based on your experience, how can the game of golf change humble and quiet Estonians?
Modesty and humbleness are both good features on golf course. Estonians want to hit the ball as far as possible but since the precision is the most important thing in golf, they are never satisfied with the results. This makes me laugh but this is not characteristic to Estonians only.
Have you used golf as a tool to get to know your colleagues? How well it develops teamwork skills and ability to make critical decisions?
After teaching golf for more than 14 years I have learned that each person in front of me is unique. Each person has a different way of swinging the club or accomplishing their tasks in everyday life.
I have developed my delegation skills a lot and I leave as much freedom as possible to my employees and students. This way they develop their vision, they learn to be open minded, to listen carefully and to decide together for a common goal.
During the time you have lived and practiced golf in Estonia, has the local golf culture improved? Do you see that golf is becoming more popular in Estonia?
Golf has become much more popular in Estonia since I first arrived here, especially among the middle aged people. There are more beginners every year. For a long time Estonians thought of golf as a game for an old and rich people, not a sport at all. As a result of good marketing actions made here, this way of thinking has changed.
How has golf changed you professionally and personally? Why in your opinion people should choose golf as a hobby?
It is hard to say as I have grown up in that environment – spent all my free time playing golf with all kinds of different people and training myself. I grew up with the values like fair play, integrity, respect, honesty, humility and sportsmanship.
People will know what they miss when they come and find out how is it to enjoy the 60 hectares of perfectly maintained golf course. I encourage everybody, regardless of age, to try golf. It is the best way to enjoy beautiful nature and good company, meet different people and push your limits.
EBS masterclass „Golf for Business“ starts on 15 May and it is suitable for all study levels – bachelor, master, life long learners and their entrepreneurial friends and family members. 
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