Golden Haba Celebratory Dinner 2020

Golden Haba 2020 winners
Golden Haba 2020 winners. Photo by Andrei Ozdoba
The Golden Haba Gala is a unique and special tradition to honour and give thanks to our EBS family. Haba Gala is our university’s recognition event, held since 1999 and organised by the Student Council. The name “Golden Haba” comes from EBS’s founder Madis Habakuk. 

Golden Haba is one of the most significant events of the university calendar, bringing together the EBS family to spend a pleasant evening in each other’s company. The event this year was a little different due to the exception world situation, but despite that, we managed to hold an exceptional evening. The event took place on Friday, 25 September, at the Tallinn TV Tower.  


We had 31 nominees in 11 award categories this year. So let’s dive in and see who were the best and the brightest in 2020! 


The first Haba Statue of the evening went to the Brain of the Year winner, LIISA MARIE RUUDNA; she is a student who is doing more than it is expected, and who can handle any given assignment with ease.  


The next category was Campus Fairy of the year; this award is dedicated to those people without whom we couldn’t imagine EBS being the same. Every morning they welcome you with a big smile to your second home and with their friendly wave they wish you a safe trip home. The winner is RENE-RAINER SÄKK!  


Helper of the year goes to someone who does their best going the extra mile for school and its students; they always welcome you openly to assist you with finding solutions to all your problems. And the winner of Helper of the year is LIISA MAIDE


You could not imagine a day at work without these colleagues. They make your day brighter and bring out the sunshine even on the gloomiest days. The EBS award goes in the Colleague of the year category to SHEILA SÜDA! She is indeed the person who is always ready to join you at a 5 o’clock tea and help you to come up with the best solutions to most impossible problems. 


The next category was Exchange student of the year. Every year there are a few exchange students who you will remember like they have been a part of your whole school journey. Even though they were here only for a semester, they’ve become our life-long friends. The Erasmus exchange student who stood out the most was ANNA DEL MAGNO!

Teacher of the year candidates are known for being dedicated to assisting their colleagues as well as their students. They are exceptional in the subject they teach and how they do it. This year that person was OLIVER LAAS


The HEBSter of the year can be described as a person who helps to sustain and develop the relationship between EBS Helsinki and EBS Tallinn and to do it with a lot of passion and a smile on their face. This year the person who took home the award was ALEXANDROS SIAFOS


Activist of the year is someone who is known for tackling every challenge with passion, even if their hands are already full and energy is running low. Their ideas are visionary, and they give 110% to try to fulfill them. This year the winner was KAROLIN VEEORG


The Golden Alumni award went to someone who has been used to solving impossible tasks with ease. They push all EBSters to take upon new challenges and excel at them. They are inspirational and motivational to all of us in the EBS family. This year’s winner was MADIS MÜLLER


Some students do more than just study; they have their own ventures and stand out pursuing them. The EBSter of the year award went to someone who has been motivating others with their actions. The EBSter of the year award went to HENRI LINDAL!  


The EBS Student Council gave out The Lifetime Award to KARMEN HARJU who has done more for EBS than anyone would have ever expected and therefore improved the EBS life. Her career in EBS began already in 1994.  “I have had the honour of receiving Golden Haba recognition three times before,” Harju said. “And now the Lifetime Achievement Award, which I am particularly pleased about. Working at EBS is a way of life for me. I have been in office for 26 years and have enjoyed that time very much. Thank you for the recognition and congratulations to all the nominees and laureates!” she said. 


The EBS Student Council would like to thank everyone who helped us to organise this event: Fazer, Shishi, Eesti Noorsooteater, VAT Teater, Bonobo Native, and the Estonian Business  School. 


The 2020 Golden Haba Celebratory Dinner was full of laughter, good company and delicious food. It was the perfect place to connect and chat with colleagues, alumni and students. Together, we will achieve great things and show how awesome we can be, and this night was a great example of that. 

EBS Chancellor Mart Habakuk: “This evening was filled with a friendly crowd, a good mood, excellent food and memorable improvisations by event organisers. It was a great effort and result in such a challenging environment. And of course congratulations to all the Golden Haba winners!“   


The list of EBS Golden Haba winners: 


Brain of The Year: Liisa Marie Ruudna 

Campus Fairy of The Year: Rene-Rainer Säkk 

Helper of The Year: Liisa Maide 

Colleague of The Year: Sheila Süda 

Exchange Student of The Year: Anna Del Magno 

Teacher of The Year: Oliver Laas 

The HEBSter of The Year: Alexandros Siafos 

The Activist of The Year: Karolin Veeorg 

The Golden Alumni: Madis Müller 

The EBSter of The Year: Henri Lindal 

The Lifetime Award: Karmen Harju