Kicking off an academic year with a bang!  

Last week Introweek for the EBS newcomers took place in EBS Tallinn campus for our students both in Estonia and Finland. “Without a hesitation, we had an amazing week full of awesome series of events,” the participants said. 

The Introweek started with a Roosta Boot camp where master level students enjoyed coaching sessions and networking until early morning hours, continued by events for our international students where they received the most significant information about settling in Estonia and discovering the scenic Tallinn’s Old Town.   


The next two days were educational, full of meaningful seminars dedicated to motivation and goal setting, followed by info sessions. Students also had an opportunity to acquire knowledge in investing and enterprising lifestyle by the outstanding speech given by alumnus and Co-Founder of Landex and Finbay – Randy Padar. The day continued with a lecture in marketing that revealed the main marketing trends for the near future: technology, customer psychology and behaviour. Moreover, students had mindfulness exercises and brought out how to keep mentally fit.


There was also time for an unforgettable sunset, fresh air, and a breeze on a boat party. Inspiring exhibitions, adventurous mini golf, laser tag game, and events that encourage positive attitudes, creative thinking, problem-solving and fun.  


Introweek culminated with the traditional EBStival. This year a new tradition – EBS Talks – was founded, consisting of speeches and a panel with inspiring speeches and discussion from our alumni. It was a great pleasure to gather our alumni and hear them share how their skills and knowledge acquired in EBS has helped them to unlock amazing opportunities in life.


Liisa-Maria Lillepea – the Head of Marketing at Tuul and Co-founder of Basaar shared her view on sustainability, and how sustainable practices improve the quality of our lives, protect our ecosystem, and preserve natural resources for future generations. 


The second outstanding speaker was Kaspar Tiri – named to Forbes 30 Under 30, Co-founder of Ready Player Me. The main message of Kaspar's speech was: "Keep swimming, keep swimming" and never give up even if you get rejected time and time again.  


The third EBS alumnus was Martin Rauam – Jolos Partner and Board member. He shared his experience in launching a full-spectrum creative agency, and how to stand out and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving and ever-changing world. 

Within the panel discussion our speakers Mart Habakuk, Katri Teller, and Jan Andresoo shared their wisdom and provided insights to how to create real value.


EBStival continued with the thumping bass lines, syncopated rhythms, and repetitive grooves, from Lexsoul Dancemachine and DJs who made the night amazing. 


“We hope that within the Introweek our newcomers got plenty of inspiration, and motivation to start a new adventure at our campuses,” EBS Introweek and EBStival main organiser Liisa Maide said. “With every year the event is growing bigger and better. I'm glad that so many people from our alumni community came to the EBStival. As I like to see it, it's like a yearly family reunion, where people come together and enjoy each other's company. I would also really like to thank my team - without you, it would not have been possible to organise such an event." 


However, it would not have been the same without all our sponsors, we are glad that we could work with all our partners!