Traditional EBS Golf Tournament Took Place Again

Cristofer Herman, Kaisa Pilnik, Lisanna Pihlak
On September 21, the traditional EBS golf tournament EBS Habakuk International 2022 took place. „The day was cheerful, and the weather favoured the competition,” the happy participants said. „Teammates were exceptional, I made so many new and interesting contacts!” 

All EBS alumni, employees and students were invited to the golf tournament traditionally held on Madis` Day, 21st of September.

In addition to the exciting game and competitive moments on the golf course, the participants enjoyed good company and engaging encounters with interesting people.  


There were 29 competitors taking part in the tournament, together with the organizers there were 34 participants. 

The top3 teams were: 

I - Cristofer Herman, Kaisa Pilnik, Lisanna Pihlak
II - Peeter Kross, Hannela Takker, Carmen Karjahärm
III - Peep Aaviksoo, Kristi Õng, Mart Habakuk


Congratulations to the winners! 

Thanks to all participants!