TEDxEBSHelsinki brought together over 500 people

The Estonian Business School’s branch in Helsinki (EBS Helsinki) brought TEDx, a series of well-known inspirational conferences, to Helsinki on 10 June. The virtual event was called “Future Synergies” and it focused on the thoughts of several experts from different fields on the future issues that will impact our society. The purpose of TEDxEBSHelsinki was to share ideas, inspire and create synergy.

The first session of TEDxEBSHelsinki was full of inspirational speeches about the future of education and work
A futurist and author Perttu Pölönen talked about the value of human interaction. He added that, the world is changing fast and in order to succeed in life we need to co-create and co-operate. The second keynote speaker Andreas Veispak shared new ideas and challenges of the future of education. A project director at Sitra - Helena Mustikainen concluded the session with views on ”lifelong learning”. 


During the half an hour break a mesmerizing voice from Estonia - Rahel Ollisaar took the stage. Rahel is heading to the list of enigmatic newcomer artists  with a distinct and soulful sound.


While the first half of the event focused on the future of education and work, the second half was about the future of individuals and businesses. First up were Essi Weseri and Maria Wasastjerna, who talked about the aspects of what it takes to be a good leader. They also shared insightful findings from their Leadcast podcast - one of the most popular podcasts in Finland. The second speaker in the second half was Panu Mäenpää, who focused on the importance of diversity and inclusion and what everyone should do to improve it. The event continued with Peter Vesterbacka and the concept of the Finest Bay Area. 


Finally, an Alumna of Estonian Business School - Georgiana Grudinschi shared her personal growth story and how important it is to fail towards success. 


We want to give a huge virtual applause to our speakers and everyone who joined us! 

Future belongs to those who prepare for it today!


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