EBS Helsinki 10: Sigrid Lainevee and Roni Kiuru about their experiences of teaching and studying in Helsinki

Sigrid Lainevee, Siiri Liiva and Roni Kiuru

EBS opened a campus in Helsinki in 2011, encouraged by the knowledge that interest in the school was steadily growing among Finns. In this episode of Satellite Sigrid Lainevee and Roni Kiuru look back to the birth and first years of Helsinki campus and recall some brightest moments.

Roni Kiuru: “In 2012 I had a really good job at Sonera and EBS was one of the few universities in Finland that gave me the opportunity to combine work and studies. After graduation, whenever someone asks about my level of English, I can point out that I wrote my Master thesis in English and there are no further questions”.

Sigrid Lainevee shares the information about the anniversary events and the opening of the new “Urban Synergy Campus” in August.


Satellite’s tradition is to ask the guest’s about their favourite books and management advice.

Sigrid Lainevee’s recommendations:

  • Book: Evelin Org and Olesija Saue “The Brand named You”
  • Management advice: Believe in cooperation and compromise!
  • The skills you would like to develop: Carpe diem/Use the day

Roni Kiuru’s recommendations:

  • Book: Simon Sinek “Start with Why”
  • Management advice: Self determination theory - google it!
  • The skill that you would like to develop: Always be prepared!

Sigrid Lainevee works as the head of administration at EBS Helsinki campus since 2012. Roni Kiuru is EBS alumni and sales manager of Cloudia, global provider of eProcurement solutions.

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The next episode of Satellite podcasts will be aired on the 10th of June. Previous podcasts can be found here: HERE. Satellite podcasts are hosted by journalist Siiri Liiva.