Why is an MBA important? John Broussard answers the question!

John Broussard
First, let's talk about the financial aspects. According the the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the group that administers the main MBA admissions test, the GMAT, median new hire MBA salaries have increased from $105,00 to $115,000 in 2018. Granted, that level is impacted substantially by geographic location, industry, and experience of applicant, but as you can see, the salary benefits are non-trivial.

How about some additional benefits? One of the most valuable aspect of MBA degree attainment is 'liquidity of your human capital,' which is essentially technical lingo for an increased ability to move-up in your existing firm, change firms, change industries, or change geographic location. The more education you have about business, the more valuable you become in the marketplace. The MBA helps you increase your marketability, which provides more opportunities for you to change your individual circumstances.
Finally, what about the intellectual aspects of an MBA degree?  No other degree affords you the prospect of being able to see the business world from the 'big picture' perspective than the MBA. It is the educational vehicle that lets you see business opportunities from a local or global - or as some might say: Glocal - context. The MBA degree has value because it gives you the intellectual tools to see how the various business disciplines interact to enhance value to shareholders, employees, the local community, and society has a whole. 
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John Paul Broussard, PhD, CFA, FRM, PRM, is Professor of Finance at Estonian Business School, where he teaches corporate finance, investments, and data analytical techniques in finance. John is Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, where he taught investments and corporate finance courses. John has held visiting professor positions at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki; Middlesex University, London; Turku School of Economics, and Lappenranta School of Technology. He received his BS and PhD from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Millsaps College. John has won various teaching and research awards in his career, and he has taught various professional review courses since 1999 in Europe, Asia and the US. John is a CFA Charterholder, a Certified Financial Risk Manager, and a Professional Risk Manager.