Systems Team Coaching Masterclass with Stephan Bereiter

An introduction to Systems Team Coaching  a.k.a. 21st Century Leadership


The workshop is based on the Team Diagnostic™ model and methodology of Team Coaching International™.
This is a systems-based approach to working with teams.
The work combines elements of Systems Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, Process Work, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and Organizational Theory.


The Team Diagnostic™ model is built on a systems view of teams. This is fundamentally different from most traditional ways of working with teams where the focus is on the individuals on the team.
In that traditional approach, improving team performance is accomplished by intervening at the individual team member level: change the individual and change the team. Or this variation: change the relationship between two team members to affect the whole. Change the parts to affect the whole. It is a perfectly valid way to influence the team -  and it has its limitations.


The systems approach recognizes that individuals have influence on the team but also recognizes that the team has powerful influence on the individuals. You’ve had this very personal experience no doubt whether it was a team with deadly low morale or a team flying high with success. Teams create a culture and atmosphere. In the systems approach, to affect team performance we would say, change the culture and change the team. In fact, as team coaches, you show the team the culture they have created and hold them co-responsible for changing it.
This is the heart of team coaching.

Participants will gather experience on:

  • Team structures.
  • The Team as a “system” vs. a collection of individuals.
  • A model for understanding the fundamental character of teams.

The Four Guiding Principles:

  • Teams exist to produce results.
  • The team is a living system.
  • Team members want to be on high performing teams and want to contribute.
  • The team has within it the means to excel.

Three Team Coaching Competencies:

  • System Aware
  • Tuned In
  • Reflective observer

Agenda of the workshop:


  • Short introduction to the Team Diagnostic™ model and methodology of Team Coaching International™
  • How to start coaching a team?
  • Team Coaching competency: System Aware and its 4 coaching skills
  • Coaching practice with System Aware and its 4 coaching skills


  • Team Coaching competency: Tuned-In and its 3 coaching skills
  • Coaching practice with Tuned-Inand its 3 coaching skills
  • Team Coaching competency: Reflective observer and its 7 coaching skills
  • Coaching practice with Tuned-Inand its 3 coaching skills
Stephan Bereiter

Stephan Bereiter

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