Anett Kulbin



Name: Anett Kulbin
Qualification: Creative economy (Entrepreneurship and Business Administration)
Conferred degree: BA
Year of graduation: 2017
Current employment: Nobenaps OÜ
Position: One of the owners, I do what ever needs being done. 


Who did you want to become as a grown-up? A singer.


What is your motto of success? Do not let anyone define yourself, you are exactly the person who you want to be.


Which book do you advise every EBS student to read? „The Collector“ by John Fowles


What are your duties of employment? Me and my course mate, who also is a good friend of mine Indrek Jõe, set up a company Nobenaps OÜ, that specialises in the wholesale of ecological flavoured vodka. I gained a lot of courage and support for setting up the company from EBS. Our first product is the first ecological black currant and peppermint vodka in the Estonian market. What I enjoy about being an owner of a company is that I am my own employer and may adapt my work in such a manner that I do not need to give up my career as a singer. This equips me with certain level of freedom, but at the same time I can become very enthusiastic and it may sometimes happen that it is very complicated to leave the office and get the work matters out of my head.


Why did you choose EBS for your studies? I chose EBS because here you may study such a speciality as Creative Entrepreneurship and it interests me a lot. I have studied jazz vocals at the H. Eller Music School, and it seemed very important to learn the essential aspects of other creative fields as well.


What is the most essential thing you have learned at EBS?  The internal environment of EBS is very supportive when starting up with entrepreneurship. It requires a major effort and input from amateurs i.e. creators to set up a company, but I may say that we received a lot of courage at EBS for taking the first steps.


What kind of a person is EBS meant for? EBS is meant for an entrepreneurial person in any field with any interest. I think that it is very important to be able to implement and relate the profession, hobby, interest and ideas usefully and sustainably.


What would you advise the current EBS students? Be yourself and do things that scare you at the beginning. Such experience will teach you the most about yourself and others. Most of the essential knowledge will result from life itself and from school you must take with you the ability to be analytical and prevent.