Karita Sall



Name: Karita Sall
Qualification: Marketing and Communication
Conferred degree: MBA
Year of graduation: 2007
Current employment: Communication Bureau JLP
Position: Managing Director and partner


Who did you want to become as a grown-up? An actress.


What is your motto of success? Everything is good for something – success and failure (although we might not understand it at once).


Which book do you advise every EBS student to read? “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” by Simon Sinek.


What are your duties of employment? I am a consultant, trainer and partner of one of the best communication bureaus in Estonia. Me and my team work for such bright organisations as e.g. TransferWise, Testlio, Museum of Occupation, Song Festival, Ajujaht (Brain Hunt competition for new business ideas) etc. and help our clients tell their stories in Estonia and worldwide. As working with clients who are active in different fields of activity your mind stays fresh and work is exciting and positively challenging.


Why did you choose EBS for your studies? I opted for EBS because I liked the variety of the subjects offered by this university and an opportunity to combine the different parts of the study programme – management, financial accounting, marketing etc. As I passed at the Master´s programme while working, the study sessions on Fridays and at the weekend in Tallinn were another argument in favour for the selection from the point of view of logistics.


What is the most essential thing you have learned at EBS? EBS provided me with a good overall picture of how entrepreneurship works and an understanding of how do small pieces of a puzzle fit into the big picture. I also received courage to deal with entrepreneurship and not to fail. You are unable to appreciate wins enough without an experience of losing.


What kind of a person is EBS meant for? I studied at a Master´s programme that was created for people who had no previous background in economics. The students at our course were linguists of foreign languages (like me), but also librarians, mathematicians, specialist from the field of energy, engineers and representatives from different other fields of activity. EBS was able to offer a diverse programme where everyone had something new to learn and an opportunity to exchange experience.


What would you advise the current EBS students? EBS offers excellent opportunities for the creation of a good personal network through fellow students and lecturers. I would also encourage students to try entrepreneurship on their own – EBS offers all the necessary skills for this.